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Kylie was my main reason in going to New York. She was also playing in Toronto but I was like, eh, now that I’m in MTL, I’m almost equidistant from Toronto and New York. Pourquoi pas New York? A good excuse to go to a city I haven’t been to in five years. Plus, my friends in Vancouver were flying all the way to New York for this too! And so off I went in my rideshare and six hours later I arrived in the Big Apple.

My friends and I lined up at noon in front of the Hammerstein Ballroom. Yes, we lined up for eight hours. In the cold. But we suuuuuuuuuuucked it up. Had 4 mickies of vodka. And were dancing it up with everyone else in line, getting pumped up, raving about how beautiful Kylie was going to be. Bouquets were given to her as she arrived at the venue. Emotions were high. The doors opened and we ran in and got third row from the front. AMAZING.

Now, I’m a massive Madonna fan. I love Madonna. I would marry her if I could. Even though she is SUCH a diva. But I would. Followers of ATM, you guys would know this by now. She is, imo, probably the single greatest female entertainer in pop history but believe me when I say,  Kylie blew Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet tour out of the water. Madonna who?!!?!

Though Kylie hasn’t received much North American success except for her very freshman days with “Locomotion” and later on with “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, her cult of followers is nothing short of astounding. And because it was her first North American tour ever, she just couldn’t let us down despite our absolute devotion to her (and the fact that we’d love her no matter what) and our sky high expectations of just how incredible it was going to be (but we’d love her anyways if it wasn’t sated). We all knew this and she knew this and so because Kylie in a way had nothing to lose, and all to gain, she went 110% in combining all her previous tours, mixing what the Western fans have missed out on for so many years and gave us what we waited so long for. And so Kylie put on, I think, one of the best pop performances of the year. Maybe the best. Je blague pas.  UUUUGGGH KYYYYYYYYYYYYLIE!

Ok, enough moaning, after the jump for the concert recap, pics, setlist and myoosik!


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yay-Juergen Teller

I want to marry Björk. I think she is one of the few artists that can make such explosively powerful music with such seeming ease. With just one cry, she makes all my hairs stand on end and my heart well up to the point of explosion, sating everything one could ever want in a song. I’ve been listening to a lot of her lately too. There’s too much music to listen to it overwhelms me so I procrastinate listening to the “new stuff” and I retreat back into my lovely cocoon of past music. Once I enter back into a discography like Björk’s, it’s just too hard to leave because I just don’t want to be saved from the darkness. I am a fountain of blood, in the shape of a girl. You’re the bird on the brim, hypnotized by the whirl… HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEA!!!

Anyways, here is one of my favorite favorite all time favorite favorite love love loved songs of all time. Of ALL TIME. Ok. I think I made myself clear. After the jump!

P.S. I am still working on those updates guys! Have faith! Gaaah!

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China Financial Crisis Art

In this photo taken Sunday, Sept. 27, 2009, a sculpture by Chinese artist Chen Wenling entitled "What You See Might Not Be Real" is on display at a gallery in Beijing, China. The artwork is a critique of the global financial crisis with the bull representing the golden bull of wall street and the man pinned to the wall representing the jailed financier Bernard Madoff. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

Hey y’all. Updates on NYC and more coming soon…but for now, some songs to start of your week. I don’t know about you guys, but Montréal is startin’ to get pretty cold. This is the time to hole yourself up in those blankets and spoon somebody for warmth (not that you couldn’t do it before…but all the more reason! mwaaajajaja). So, I’ve been listening to a lot of “hole yourself up” type of music. Namely, Air. Aaaaah Air. Love love. Enjoy.

MP3: Air – Run

MP3: Air – Alpha Beta Gaga

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yay-Jacqueline Rivera

I am back from NYC. Two long weeks of dancing, music, sight seeing, and the FOOD. Yum. Good food. Updates to come on my KYLIE concert, CMJ, and more. I definitely had this song in my head the entire time…and it’s so fitting for New York. It’s just too bad I don’t have that much money to blow. But the song is sexy and makes me feel like I do! BRAP BRAP!

MP3: Drake – Money To Blow

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atm-new york

Hey y’all! I just got back from an AMAZING concert, Jedi Electro. Remember them? And I vow, I VOW TO SEE EVERY SINGLE LIVE SHOW OF THEIRS IN MONTRÉAL. I don’t care. They are without a doubt, the top 10 shows of this entire year for me…maybe ever!

Ahem. I am FIVE hours away from heading out to New York. I hate that I have no time to make more complete updates but I figure, two minutes in heaven, is better than one minute in heaven. So, one sentence reviews and thoughts are all the time I have right now. BECAUSE I’M GOING TO NEW YORK! Woohoo!

*if you have some favorite’s/recommended places (not touristy stuff, please) PUT ‘EM DOWN! I shall try my best*

Why am I going, you might ask? Well, I am going to first and foremost see Kylie Minogue at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Sunday. JA JA JA yes laugh all you want, but she is amazing. I adore her. And it will be INCREDIBL(Y SEXY). I am also going for the CMJ Marathon…hopefully I can find a cheaper way in. Mwwwwaaajajjjaa1

So, quick update on POP MTL. Great festival. The third day I went to see the Slew (Kid Koala + Wolfmother). Great combo, but the bass for Wolfmother tooooooooooooootally faded out the turntable skillz but regardless, Wolfmother kicks total ass! They toured for the one and only time but worry not! You can check out their album for FREE here! After that, I checked out the Japandroids. A band whose album I’ve had for so long but still have not listened to because of the hype. Were they good live?! Yes, they totally rocked it. Such great energy for a two person band. There was crowd surfing, moshing, arm flailing and nails flying. But, I didn’t dig it despite this. I STILL wouldn’t listen to the album. Maybe it was because I was gettin’ puuuurdy tired.

The last day, I was at Divan Orange allll night. I still hold the opinion that if you were a band, this is DEFINITELY a venue you want to play at. Great atmosphere. Great sound. Average priced beer…and a mix crowd ranging from super artsy pretentious folk to super smelly non showering people, oh, and hippies. Sometimes. I saw DVAS, Silly Kissers, and Cadence Weapon. I wanted to see CFCF but I was falling asleep! DVAS played this amazing retro club pop music. I felt like it was italo-disco of twenty years ago. CRAZY GOOD dance party. And Silly Kissers KICK SO MUCH ASS!!

Anyways, I’ve been meaning to do these reviews for MONTHS. I’m not kidding. And it’s just getting a bit silly now, don’t you think? I figure I might as well share the music, and if you like it, go and buy it! And go to the shows! And yada yada yada you know how this works. =)

After the jump for somewhat informative and very terse descriptions of AWESOME albums: Heyoka, Tipsy, Washed Out, Basement Jaxx. Sigh, I guess not as large of an update. I wanted to add TMDP, the Islands, the Flaming Lips, Raekwon, etc etc…but I am getting suuuuuper sleep and alas…now it is another four hours before I leave. ENJOY! COME BACK BC THIS WILL BE UPDATED AS SOON AS I CAN!

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HILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARIOUS. Once again, the Lonely Island do it right.
JJAJAJAJAJAJJAJA x 9048509834609809


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sart-black pack

I’ve been listening to old school Outkast a lot lately, and just a few hours ago, I was in Café Bohemia, a super cool place where you can sip on coffee and browse vintage shiz. Best part, the music! They had Outkast’s Speakerboxxx blaring and I was havin’ a dance party yeeeeeeeeee! Anyways, Stankonia has been on repeat for me for the past week. Along with Raekwon, Ghostface, Wu-Tang, and old school Eminem. Oooooo WEE! Gettin’ back to the good ol’ stuff. I’m doing this post also in procrastination to update you guys on my last two days at POP MTL. Worry not young padawons, come, it will.

Here are two of my faves off Stankonia, enjoy!

MP3: Outkast – We Luv Deez Hoez

MP3: Outkast – Humble Mumble

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atm-fever ray stage

Having only listened to Fever Ray a few times and thinking it was pretty sub par at first, I was feeling a bit…eh, about going to Fever Ray last night. Even I knew that this was a show not to be missed, that the  mystical and ethereal creature that is Karin Dreijer Andersson surely could not disappoint in both a live show and a live performance. I slapped myself out of my temporary petty stupor, got myself a ticket, and found myself getting a bit giddy about going to a show that totally was going to make us trip like we was all up on that acid.

At the end, I looked at the time and saw they only played for 60 minutes. In normal circumstances, I’d be a bit angry. I mean, Telefon Tel Aviv was 60 minutes but was only 20$ and it was awesome. So, I let it slide. THIS was 30$, one hour, and I CREAMED MY PANTS. The sound in Métropolis was OK, my earplugs made it waaaay better. To be honest, I don’t even think Bell Centre could have handled that much bass. I feel so bad for everyone that didn’t have ear plugs because I’m sure the hair follicles will need at least a few weeks to recover from the nuclear war that was just ensued on our bodies. This show was amazing. The lighting, the costumes, and the music, the entire package was just incredible, fluid and created a certain ambiance, a certain atmosphere that I don’t think can be reproduced again. I couldn’t help but dance like I was in Zion. I couldn’t help but close my eyes just to absorb more in the dark, because my powers have been heightened here, the dark, the natural habitat of the Fever Ray.

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