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Hey y’all! I just got back from an AMAZING concert, Jedi Electro. Remember them? And I vow, I VOW TO SEE EVERY SINGLE LIVE SHOW OF THEIRS IN MONTRÉAL. I don’t care. They are without a doubt, the top 10 shows of this entire year for me…maybe ever!

Ahem. I am FIVE hours away from heading out to New York. I hate that I have no time to make more complete updates but I figure, two minutes in heaven, is better than one minute in heaven. So, one sentence reviews and thoughts are all the time I have right now. BECAUSE I’M GOING TO NEW YORK! Woohoo!

*if you have some favorite’s/recommended places (not touristy stuff, please) PUT ‘EM DOWN! I shall try my best*

Why am I going, you might ask? Well, I am going to first and foremost see Kylie Minogue at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Sunday. JA JA JA yes laugh all you want, but she is amazing. I adore her. And it will be INCREDIBL(Y SEXY). I am also going for the CMJ Marathon…hopefully I can find a cheaper way in. Mwwwwaaajajjjaa1

So, quick update on POP MTL. Great festival. The third day I went to see the Slew (Kid Koala + Wolfmother). Great combo, but the bass for Wolfmother tooooooooooooootally faded out the turntable skillz but regardless, Wolfmother kicks total ass! They toured for the one and only time but worry not! You can check out their album for FREE here! After that, I checked out the Japandroids. A band whose album I’ve had for so long but still have not listened to because of the hype. Were they good live?! Yes, they totally rocked it. Such great energy for a two person band. There was crowd surfing, moshing, arm flailing and nails flying. But, I didn’t dig it despite this. I STILL wouldn’t listen to the album. Maybe it was because I was gettin’ puuuurdy tired.

The last day, I was at Divan Orange allll night. I still hold the opinion that if you were a band, this is DEFINITELY a venue you want to play at. Great atmosphere. Great sound. Average priced beer…and a mix crowd ranging from super artsy pretentious folk to super smelly non showering people, oh, and hippies. Sometimes. I saw DVAS, Silly Kissers, and Cadence Weapon. I wanted to see CFCF but I was falling asleep! DVAS played this amazing retro club pop music. I felt like it was italo-disco of twenty years ago. CRAZY GOOD dance party. And Silly Kissers KICK SO MUCH ASS!!

Anyways, I’ve been meaning to do these reviews for MONTHS. I’m not kidding. And it’s just getting a bit silly now, don’t you think? I figure I might as well share the music, and if you like it, go and buy it! And go to the shows! And yada yada yada you know how this works. =)

After the jump for somewhat informative and very terse descriptions of AWESOME albums: Heyoka, Tipsy, Washed Out, Basement Jaxx. Sigh, I guess not as large of an update. I wanted to add TMDP, the Islands, the Flaming Lips, Raekwon, etc etc…but I am getting suuuuuper sleep and alas…now it is another four hours before I leave. ENJOY! COME BACK BC THIS WILL BE UPDATED AS SOON AS I CAN!

Heyoka – Gate Code (2009)


HOLY MOTHER!!!! DUB STEP FANS! BASSSSSSSSSS IN YOUR FACE! HOW LOW CAN YOU GO! DRUM’N’BASS! JUNGLE! This San Fran native rips this album UP. Holy shit it is sick. That is all.


MP3: Heyoka – Flying Dub Sauce

MP3: Heyoka – Sonidas De La Cabeza

Washed Out – Life of Leisure EP (2009)

atm-washed out

Love love love this EP. Chill-out. Ambient. Coastal music for the soul and for washing your feet with sound waves. MMMM musical oceans.


MP3: Washed Out – Hold Out

Tipsy – Trip Tease (1997)


Discovered these guys from watching the Sopranos. I said hey, this sounds like a super cool song (“Cinnabar”). Since, I’ve checked a few of their albums and especially like this one. Genre: chill, ambient, down-tempo, experimental electronic.


MP3: Tipsy – Space Golf

MP3: Tipsy – Nude on the Moon

Basement Jaxx – Scars (2009)

atm-basement jaxx

Gave this album so many listens it hurts. To be honest, Basement Jaxx will just never get back to the “Romeo” and “Good Luck” days. Still a great club and dance album. Sometimes housey. And the cameos on this album are pretty impressive and are tooooooootally worth it in the end, unlike other cameo showoff albums. Not their best, but these two songs below and a few others…make Scars pretty alright. That’ll do BJ, that’ll do.


MP3: Basement Jaxx – Scars (feat. Kelis, Meleka & Chipmunk)

MP3: Basement Jaxx – My Turn (feat. Lightspeed Champion)

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