Kylie was my main reason in going to New York. She was also playing in Toronto but I was like, eh, now that I’m in MTL, I’m almost equidistant from Toronto and New York. Pourquoi pas New York? A good excuse to go to a city I haven’t been to in five years. Plus, my friends in Vancouver were flying all the way to New York for this too! And so off I went in my rideshare and six hours later I arrived in the Big Apple.

My friends and I lined up at noon in front of the Hammerstein Ballroom. Yes, we lined up for eight hours. In the cold. But we suuuuuuuuuuucked it up. Had 4 mickies of vodka. And were dancing it up with everyone else in line, getting pumped up, raving about how beautiful Kylie was going to be. Bouquets were given to her as she arrived at the venue. Emotions were high. The doors opened and we ran in and got third row from the front. AMAZING.

Now, I’m a massive Madonna fan. I love Madonna. I would marry her if I could. Even though she is SUCH a diva. But I would. Followers of ATM, you guys would know this by now. She is, imo, probably the single greatest female entertainer in pop history but believe me when I say,  Kylie blew Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet tour out of the water. Madonna who?!!?!

Though Kylie hasn’t received much North American success except for her very freshman days with “Locomotion” and later on with “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, her cult of followers is nothing short of astounding. And because it was her first North American tour ever, she just couldn’t let us down despite our absolute devotion to her (and the fact that we’d love her no matter what) and our sky high expectations of just how incredible it was going to be (but we’d love her anyways if it wasn’t sated). We all knew this and she knew this and so because Kylie in a way had nothing to lose, and all to gain, she went 110% in combining all her previous tours, mixing what the Western fans have missed out on for so many years and gave us what we waited so long for. And so Kylie put on, I think, one of the best pop performances of the year. Maybe the best. Je blague pas.  UUUUGGGH KYYYYYYYYYYYYLIE!

Ok, enough moaning, after the jump for the concert recap, pics, setlist and myoosik!


Live in Show: Kylie Minogue
@ the Hammerstein Ballroom (NYC; 12 10 09)


The lights dim and every lung was at its max capacity, screaming for Kylie to appear. The strobe lights started, the stage lit up, and Kylie descended, angelic, atop a bedazzled black skull, joining her space age black costumed dancers below. She was the only one that projected light. Pink, magenta, and white hues glowed from her feathered robes and her excited smile. Kylie dons an outer world halo, where the circumspectly placed planets and bulbs gravitated around her, just as we did.

Kylie disrobes, revealing a steely silver dress, reminiscent of what space soldiers would wear. Really super sexy space soldiers. She looked so fantastic, and from the third row there was not one step, dimple, wink, and gesticulation to be missed. Everyone around me, including myself, were just in awe of just how beautiful she was. And it was genuine, you know?

Yes, lots of people are involved in making her look that good but it wasn’t just physicality. The way she moved about the stage, the way she sang her songs, the way she flipped the mic upside down, the way she tilted her head towards us seductively, everything everything everything was (obviously) rehearsed, yes, but observably so full of genuine emotional involvement. Many times a wide smile broke out because well, we the crowd, were quite loud and awesome and so happy to be there and wanted to be no where else but with her at the Hammerstein that night…and it was totally reciprocated. She was having such a great time and I can only think (and was very much reminded) of one other female performer that exudes such vibrant character and charisma on stage: Karen O.

Kylie went through most of her hits and ALL of my favorites including “In You Eyes”, “Come Into My World”, and my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE, “Slow”. What I super appreciated was the fact that she didn’t alter a lot of her songs which is SO nice because after all these years you really do just want to here the version you know and dance your heart out to it. There were a few redos of which all were really great. ESPECIALLY “The Locomotion”. It was turned into a very burlesque cabaret number and it fit in so well with the rest of the show and also just represented how much Kylie has matured since her disco tights tennis shoe step class days. The only problem was the sound. I think because we were so far up, we just heard aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of the screaming. I would say for nearly half the show I could barely hear what she was singing or saying and our full on decibel screaming just droooowned out the music. To be three feet from the stage, though, I can’t really complain.

There weren’t hugely complicated dance numbers like there would be at a Beyoncé concert but I think what Kylie was going for was the PIZAZZZZZ! The aesthetics were immaculate: the stage transformed into different atmospheres, different planets and she really did take us into her world, lifting us uuuuuuuuup! Uuuuuuuuuuup! High upon her loooove! Lights like icicles drooped down from the roof, angular flashing strobes, big screens showing big things from artistic photos of Kylie to abstract LSD mind fuck images. The costumes, MON DIEU THE COSTUMES!!! The dancers all looked incredible but Kylie, UUUUUUUUUGH KYLIE! She had about seven different outfits all of which showed off her amaaazing body and taste. They were spacey, sophisticated, sexy, sultry, sometimes conserved yet never reserved. UGH her BOOTS! UGH her naked in the middle tights! All her shiny glamorous outfits fit her like a glove.

Her confidence glowed brighter than the lights. What breast cancer? Even during the past few years while she was dealing with the emotions and effects involved with breast cancer, she was always upbeat, light-hearted, and unremittingly involved with everyone (including fans) around her. She didn’t stop. And this grand, wonderful, almost surreal tour, shows us that she never will stop. She is a female force to be reckoned with. From beginning to end, the dancing just never ended and our tired feet unrelentingly moved just as our hearts did. This was the best tour of Kylie’s anyone could really ask for because if you ask me, as a woman, an individual, an artist, and a performer, this is Kylie at her best.


Light Years
Speakerphone (remix)
Come Into My World
In Your Eyes
Shocked/What Do I Have to Do?/Step Back In Time/Spinning Around
Better Than Today (new song)
Like a Drug
Boombox/Can’t Get You Out of My Head (Medley)
2 Hearts
Red Blooded Woman/Where the Wild Roses Grow (Medley)
Sex/Heartbeat Rock/Wow
White Diamond
Confide In Me
I Believe In You
Burning Up (Kylie)/Vogue (Madonna)
The Locomotion (Cabaret Version)
In My Arms

Better the Devil You Know
The One
Love at First Sight

MP3: Kylie Minogue – Wow

Ok this song actually isn’t sung by Kylie, but by Mia J who submitted this song for her to use and it never went further than that. To be honest, if Kylie did take this song, it would be #1 for sure, and it is SO Kylie and I love love love’s it so I’m sharing it with you guys anyways.

MP3: Kylie Minogue (Mia J) – Excuse My French

Check out my previous Kylie post for more MP3’s!

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