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This has been so long overdue it’s not even funny. This mixtape was probably made a few months ago with a few tweaks here and there…and I wanted to make more changes as every week brings new music and would work so well in this mixtape but alas, no more procrastination! <Clear the Runway> is pretty awesome. Not gonna lie. It has a some songs from my previous mixtape but no worries, it remains Awesome. Perfect for the weekend. Body movin’ body movin’ we be gettin’ down and you know we’re crush groovin’.

Download: Mixtape – Clear the Runway

Track list:

01 Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa – Car Service

Saw these guys at B.B. Kings in NYC along with Raekwon, Kid Cudi, Jadakiss, and Styles P. Defs the highlight of the show…more so than Raekwon. Who despite being super sick and barely being able to speak, showed up anyways, and called himself a “real nigga” ’cause of that. Yes. Yes. Too bad it was a super disappointing performance of under 60 minutes. Oh well. Curren$y and Wiz TORE SHIT UP! Along with Jada and Styles P. Shit. All for twelve pieces. Thank you OnSmash and NahRight. You guys fuckin’ rule.

02 Drake – Best I Ever Had

Y’all know my obsession for Drake. Seriously if his mixtapes So Far Gone and Property of October didn’t already leave you completely satisfied, as well as the “Forever” track featuring Eminem, Lil’ Wayne, and Kanye, well, you need to get your priorities straight! This boy is seriously blowing up! Not even an album and already he’s got a Grammy nomination. Watch out for some crazy Drake mania in the two zero one oh. This is his best song.  Hands down.

03 Spank Rock – Loose

Off the Bangers and Cash EP. So dirty it’s right. COP IT NOW!

04 Trouble Andrew ft. Diplo – Run, Hide

Not the biggest fan of Trouble Andrews, but this song is pretty sick.

05 Modeselektor ft. TTC – 2000007

Aaaaah my favorite German electronic artists. WHy oh WHYYY aren’t they more well known. It makes me angry. Yet at the same time I’m happy that I have them all to myself…well and a few others. They’ve already released two albums, Happy Birthday and Hello Mom which are ridiculously amazing and seriously unrecognized. They are amazing live. I can’t wait to hear a new album, which is hopefully in the works?

06 Moderat – A New Error

Modeselektor + Apparat. In case you didn’t know. Two huge German powerhouse electronic artists come together and made easily one of the best albums this year, self-titled Moderat. Electronic music, though rising, is continually under-represented! Errrrrbody is all up Indie’s ass with the St. Vincent, Dirty Projectors, and Animal Collective. Sure these albums are great (they really are). But electronic music in the decades and end of year lists are seriously on the back burner. Shit. Moderat is easily in the tops in the decade and end of year for me.

07 Paskal – Sweet Settings (Original Mix)

Yet another German electronic artist. This is pretty much all I know. I can’t find an ounce of info on the guy that’s not in German! Bah! Mais, on s’en fiche! I don’t know if he will have an album coming out soon but DO DO DO cop the Sweet Settings record. Fantastic smooth house in just six minutes. Awesome.

08 Siriusmo – Nights Off

Another German powerhouse DJ. I swear I don’t do racial profiling when I look for music! Somehow everything I end up liking a lot ends up being German…or British jaja. En tout cas, Siriusmo is from Berlin and is signed to BoyzNoise Records. He has a bunch of records out but I only started listening to him after hearing Body Language Vol.8 which was mixed by MODESELEKTOR! GAAH! If you’re a fan of Kompakt releases, the Kitsuné releases…and so forth, get Body Language releases now!!! It is a compilation released by Get Physical, a wicked wicked label housing artists such as M.A.N.D.Y., Noze, and Booka Shade. The BL‘s and Siriusmo’s albums are all you’re gonna get from him because he won’t perform live. Apparently due to conflicting interests. Hmm. Fun fact: he is a pretty great graffiti artist. Respek.

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Aaah the Cranberries. These Irish rockers have had a piece of my heart since forever. Every few months I relapse into a Cranberries phase, listening to nothing but Cranberries for weeks on end. Screaming to the top of my lungs to “Promises”, “When You’re Gone” and the many other songs that Dolores O’Riordan flawlessly sings with her ridiculously lovable voice. It’s been seven years since they’ve done anything together. I love them. Love love love. I had to see them. One last time…

It sold out it minutes and alas I did not have a ticket. Craigslist and Kijiji tickets were going for three times the price! And people were buyin ’em! Outside the venue, the normal scalpers (who I now know by name) sold all of theirs for $200 a piece! Shit! After being robbed of tickets because people who JUST ARRIVED decided to cut in line and gobble up the freed up tickets from the people who waited HOURS. People were crying, spirits were crushed, and emotions ran red because the management at L’Olympia ARE HORRIBLE. Saying it was sold out when it wasn’t. Releasing one ticket. Sold out. Then another. Sold out. Then two. Sold out. They sold them to people who WEREN’T EVEN IN LINE AND JUST GOT THERE. Finalement it was sold out. Calmez calmez…The show started and 15 minutes in, I tried my luck once more with a bouncer I recognize at most shows as being quite generous and hooooorah! He let us all in for free just in time for the start of “Dreaming Your Dreams”.

Videos, MP3s, and recap after the jump!

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Denis Aydin and Andreas Rathgen, both from Germany, usually play some pretty hardcore psychedelic trance. You might know them as Day.Din and Radisnak. But I guess they decided to join forces and make music for those who are too fuckin’ tired, spaced out, drugged out and loopy to move even their eyes anymore. A Deep Dive is definitely in my tops for ambient music along with Tosca’s No Hassel, A Sunny Day In Glasgow’s Ashes Grammar, and the massive Life Through Bombardment by Eluvium, this year. It’s a great listen if you’re in the mood for just chillin’ (and rollin’). It’s special in that it’s a bit more than just the drones meant to cull you to sleep. A Deep Dive definitely has touches of Day.Din and Radisnak’s psychedelic and trance background. A few experimental tweaks and layers keep you attention yet mentally relaxes you at the same time. Imagine the technological sound of Trickform and Telefon Tel Aviv slowed to a heartbeat mixed with some of the black bass of Fever Ray, deep trance diminished to the basics, and the psychedelic nuances of Rathgen and Aydin. Yum. “Silk and Roses” and “Lost in Translation” are obvious faves for me on the LP.


MP3: Nordlight – Silk And Roses

MP3: Nordlight – Lost In Translation

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Mmmm mmm mmmmmmmmmm. Merrill Beth Nisker, or as we all know her, Peaches, the foul-mouthed, androgynous, dick, tits, and all, has wowed the Montréal crowd once again at the Métropolis. Sporting capes, donning skin colored skin tight jump suits, and a flashing clit, Peaches is true to her own hype. She fuckin’ rocks. With her cock out. For real. I am quite surprised that dildos did not make an appearance throughout the show. At least fake boobies did! Hooorah fake boobies! But first, a lady quite deserving of being a Peaches opener…Amanda Blank!

Live in Show: Peaches with Amanda Blank
@ le Métropolis (MTL; 17 11 09)

I first saw Amanda Blank when she toured with Trouble Andrew and Santigold. Regrettably, I only saw her perform for 15-20 minutes due to my usual and unsurprisingly-me tardiness. What I did see though, was a female fierceness that can only come from women that self-empowered and confidant. Once again, she delivered a big fuck you performance. She makes it. She takes it. And godddddddddddd do we feel it in our pants when she does.

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Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power of Fuck Buttons have done it again. They gained underground indie stardom after the release of Street Horrrsing in 2008, easily one of the best progressive experimental albums of the year and had one of my top songs of the year with the ten minute bender, “Sweet Love For Planet Earth”.

A few months back, they released Tarot Sport EP, a short three song EP which teased Fuck Buttons fans like no other. Shortly after they released the full-length. The ten minute track “Surf Solar”, easily the best track of the album and one of the year’s best for sure, is the first track and sets the rest of the mood for the next 60 minutes. You aren’t gonna end up back where you started with their tracks that loop in and out of each other like tidal waves. And like the unpredictability of the LP title suggests, you aren’t gonna know where you’ll end up either.

I feel like Tarot Sport is just another wave off of Street Horrrsing, picking up right from the end of “Colours Move”. Except this time, the second half doesn’t feel as dark and moody as the first did. And this time, the Tarot Sport uses more optimistic tones throughout and still retains the melancholic feel.  The progression is all there. The formula’s the same yet it’s completely superimposed. It has the exact reverse opposite in terms of how it makes you feel but in the end, it’s still so so great. Innovative, wild, psychedelic and precociously awesome. And that’s why this album is one of my tops of this year.


I’ll be heading to their show at Il Motore in MTL on November 24th!!! GO GO GO! And stick around for a review =)

MP3: Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar

Buy their albums here!

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Alright, this week are mainly songs that will make you dance, dance, dance! And maybe after, you will watch Pulp Fiction. Mmmm Cheeseburger Royale. Enjoy dudes, and watch out! More updates coming, including a mixtape which is pretty much awesome NOT GONNA LIE!

-I am seeing PEACHES ANNNNND AMANDA BLANK TOMORROW AT THE MÉTROPOLIS!!! It is going to be so sick. I’ve waited so long to see her. The day she came to Edmonton, she played at my FAVORITE venue ever, the Starlite Room, but it was also the day before moving out east. So blah. But, her new album, I Feel Cream, is solid solid peaches. Dirty. Raunchy. Gender bending. Back bending. ASS UP! It is only so fitting that Amanda Blank opens up for her. She is also promoting her new album which I happened to review!  Stick around for the review of this show! AND VIDEOS! I can’t wait!

-My favorite dance duo from Montréal released this single a while ago and it keeps up to the Chromeo standard. Fancy footwork. Cute dog drooly lyrics. Infectious pop synths. The Skream remix of this is SICK. I am currently looking for a good 320 quality of this. HOLLLA!

-There is barely any info on the dude, but his full name is Ishmael Ledesma. He’s had a great great musical history, touring with the likes of Kool and the Gang, Natalie Cole, Rick James, and more. He was a part of many disco bands in the seventies and eighties. When I first heard this song, I was addicted. It had the Anita Bell-esque disco feel to it. It took me a while to realise that it’s actually a man singing this song. Awesome. Put on your platforms!

-All I know is that they’re dutch. I guess that says enough. A.K.A. they know How To Party. They have so much knowledge that they christened their recent album with the title, The Art of Partying. The album is Italo-disco meets house. It’s alright…it’s an album that you’d definitely need more help with the first time, like maybe a few beers…shots of Jack’s…some wine perhaps? It doesn’t have the air of say, Modeselektor or Junior Boys, where you can chill out to it at home or dance to it at a house party too! It definitely has tracks that stand out but not many. Enjoy this one, my fave off the album =)

-Six piece band of Indonesian awesomeness. Seven years of playing together produced two eclectic albums, Centralismo and Ports of Lima. You can tell they are influenced very very much by the West yet there is still the Pacific feel behind their tones. Centralismo is apparently one of the TOP FIVE Asian albums worth buying (according to The Times Asia). Plus, the Rolling Stones Indonesia praised PoL as the best album in 2008. And they really really do deserve it. Their music is genius and almost impossible to put into a genre. I felt such a release listening to Sore. Finally something away from all the Stereogum and Pitchfork hyped bands. This is super fresh. Get a glass of wine.

-AAAAH yes. Another electro-pop duo from Montréal. Haven’t really heard much of their stuff…and I think Omnikrom’s alright, but their collaboration on this is pretty solid.

Vapours is easily one of my top albums of the year. UGH, Nick Thorburn and crew have done it again. the Islands, based out of Montréal (WHAT WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!) create the catchiest indie rock with lyrics to match. I recently saw them at Théâtre Plaza and their magic on stage is no short of one feels while listening to the album. Dressed all in white, armored with silver vests and gold collars, they rocked out in style. I got there a bit late, unfortunately, and I guess they must have played my favorite song of theirs (ahem, below!) in the first fifteen minutes because I didn’t get to hear it. My heart ached a bit because of this…but I think it’s OK. This song, is defs on my top list for the year end and was my soundtrack song for New York while I was there.

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Soulive is this funky jazz soul trio consisting of two brothers, Alan and Neal Evans, and Eric Krasno. All hail from the great state of NY. I had no idea who they were but my friend guaranteed I’d love them. And so off we went in search of the Bowery Ballroom. Inside lies black leather couches, candle lit tables, and an almost 20’s esque ambiance to it. I felt as if everyone should have been wearing beaded dresses and pearls…but alas, we presumed the pretense of the place and fitted in accordingly with all the hipster attire. Drinks were quite expensive but at least the sound is amazing at this venue. Upstairs we went! Towards the sounds of saxophones, soul, and funk!

Live in Show: Soulive
@ the Bowery Ballroom (NYC; 15 10 09)

If I could make a comparison to other genres—for I don’t listen to too much of soul, funk, or jazz on record, rather, I go see the live shows ’cause they’re a million times better—I would say they are the innovation behind Dan Deacon and the life force behind Architecture in Helsinki of funk, the improvisation and reversed electronica of Jedi Electro…of souuuuuuuuuuuul music! The songs they played were at least 7 minutes each time. Building, layering, skipping and playing in between beats, creating an amazing composition causing us to cheer, awe and dance. When they brought on their guest singer (does anyone know his name…I wish I remembered), I felt like I was listening to some D’Angelo infused music. It touched our hearts and we all felt warmer through just the way he’d caress us with his voice, and then at times, preach to us with high pitched intonations.

I was having immense amounts of fun when Zoidis came on. HOT DAMN I love anything saxophone and this man sure knows how to use it. At some points I stopped moving because I couldn’t believe the solo shit he was pulling. Two and half hours and pints of sweat on the stage later, the band ended the show. And like I tend to say after shows like these, I am officially a fan for life and vow to see every live show possible in MTL…as long as it doesn’t empty my wallet too much 😉

PLEASE buy their new album Up Here. If you like their live stuff (which IMO is much better), buy their live albums and also go see their shows!

MP3: Soulive – Cannonball

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yay-Patricia Villanueva

Alright folks, the updates are gonna start to be a bit more regular now. Sorry for such big gaps in between actual happenings but I’m trying my best to get them out to you as quickly as I can. Anyways, below are some songs that are HUUUUGE for me right now. Check ’em out.

Four Tet recently released a short EP-ish thing with two tracks, this, and “Our Bells” which is also pretty awesome though in an eerier way. “Love Cry” is gonna be huge in the electronic world. These are legends, friends. And I think with this, they’re baaaAAAck!

MP3: Four Tet – Love Cry

To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of Tiësto. Every time people go nuts for the guy, say he’s the number one DJ in the world and blah blah blah, I just quietly disagree. He really isn’t that great IMO, from all his albums to even his live shows. But his most recent release Kaleidoscope has taken a different turn in that he has a ridiculous amount of cameos…most of ’em from the indie world. You guys probably remember the song with Tegan and Sara! Well, this one is killer. And I’m quiet impressed with the album. But he still remains pretty low on my DJ books.

MP3: Tiësto ft. Nelly Furtado – Who Wants To Be Alone

Just something that came up on my Mediamonkey one day…and I was like…oooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaah!

MP3: Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight

Trey Songz, coming up BIG in the R’n’B world.

MP3: Trey Songz – Say Aah

This is a ridiculously misogynistic song. But it’s so catchy. Damn American rap! So bad yet so goood.

MP3: Three 6 Mafia – Lil’ Freak (Ugh Ugh Ugh)


MP3: Rick Ross – Baby By Me (Remix)

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atm-michael jackson stage

I know this is a bit late. But been super busy lately buuut more updates are on the way! Anyways, I saw This Is It on the opening day in a full and enthusiastic theater.  I left the theater with my flatmate in complete awe and silence.  This movie was exactly what I was hoping it’d be: a sole focus on the tour with no autobiographical been there done that documentary preamble these movies tend to be full of. Most importantly, it gave the world a glimpse of Michael without all the rumors and accusations that led many fans astray. This Is It is evidence of Michael’s true crown to pop, his still unfaltering artistic genius when it comes to art, music, and performance. Most of all, the film is evidence of Michael’s character, his relentless work ethic, his positive energy, and his capacities as a human being.

I looooooooooooved this movie!  It was so full of energy! Music throughout! Great dance numbers! Though you could tell that Michael wasn’t as robust as he used to be…and that could possibly have been reversed had it actually be live…but one thing was for sure: his voice is still soooooooooo freakin’ amazing. Even after all these years, he delivers perfectly on all the songs in the movie. I teared up twice (surprise surprise). Once, for “Human Nature”. Simply, it is one of my favorite songs and I think lyrically, composition wise, and overall, it is the best song off of Thriller. When he squeezed his eyes in as he pelted out the high pitch cry “ooooo whyyyyyyyyyyy”…I couldn’t believe it. Twice, for the ending “Man in the Mirror”. I think this is a staple ending to all things MJ…Stevie Wonder did it…MTV did it…er and a bunch of others..I’m sure.

The stage setup! Amazing! The graphics! Especially for “They Don’t Care About Us”! All those soldiers in the background, the choreography for this number was amazing. As well as “Thriller”. My only disappointment was that there were no songs from Off The Wall. Albeit the film was about two hours and was trying to appeal to the mainstream MJ fans or non-fans, I just wish I heard some stuff like “Girlfriend”, “Off the Wall”, or “Get On the Floor”. Off the Wall is TOTALLY MJ’S BEST ALBUM!

I am totally seeing this movie again. Tomorrow. I hope. What are your thoughts?

Anyways, here are two of my top 10 faves from MJ! Enjoy!

MP3: Michael Jackson – Human Nature

MP3: Michael Jackson – I Wanna Be Where You Are

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Ok still workin’ on the updates…sorry folks. Been really behind on the updates. This, though, I couldn’t wait to share with you! I freakin’ love Misteur Valaire as my previous posts will tell you, and they recently made a video for ¨It’s All Good¨ off of Friterday Night which you can get FOR FREE on their website. Check ’em out. SERIOUSLY! They’re amazing and it saddens me they’re not as far out beyond the borders of Québec as I would like…but one day! One day! Enjoy and keep coming back to check for updates! For real! Mixtape is on the way too =)

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