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I know this is a bit late. But been super busy lately buuut more updates are on the way! Anyways, I saw This Is It on the opening day in a full and enthusiastic theater.  I left the theater with my flatmate in complete awe and silence.  This movie was exactly what I was hoping it’d be: a sole focus on the tour with no autobiographical been there done that documentary preamble these movies tend to be full of. Most importantly, it gave the world a glimpse of Michael without all the rumors and accusations that led many fans astray. This Is It is evidence of Michael’s true crown to pop, his still unfaltering artistic genius when it comes to art, music, and performance. Most of all, the film is evidence of Michael’s character, his relentless work ethic, his positive energy, and his capacities as a human being.

I looooooooooooved this movie!  It was so full of energy! Music throughout! Great dance numbers! Though you could tell that Michael wasn’t as robust as he used to be…and that could possibly have been reversed had it actually be live…but one thing was for sure: his voice is still soooooooooo freakin’ amazing. Even after all these years, he delivers perfectly on all the songs in the movie. I teared up twice (surprise surprise). Once, for “Human Nature”. Simply, it is one of my favorite songs and I think lyrically, composition wise, and overall, it is the best song off of Thriller. When he squeezed his eyes in as he pelted out the high pitch cry “ooooo whyyyyyyyyyyy”…I couldn’t believe it. Twice, for the ending “Man in the Mirror”. I think this is a staple ending to all things MJ…Stevie Wonder did it…MTV did it…er and a bunch of others..I’m sure.

The stage setup! Amazing! The graphics! Especially for “They Don’t Care About Us”! All those soldiers in the background, the choreography for this number was amazing. As well as “Thriller”. My only disappointment was that there were no songs from Off The Wall. Albeit the film was about two hours and was trying to appeal to the mainstream MJ fans or non-fans, I just wish I heard some stuff like “Girlfriend”, “Off the Wall”, or “Get On the Floor”. Off the Wall is TOTALLY MJ’S BEST ALBUM!

I am totally seeing this movie again. Tomorrow. I hope. What are your thoughts?

Anyways, here are two of my top 10 faves from MJ! Enjoy!

MP3: Michael Jackson – Human Nature

MP3: Michael Jackson – I Wanna Be Where You Are

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