Mmmm mmm mmmmmmmmmm. Merrill Beth Nisker, or as we all know her, Peaches, the foul-mouthed, androgynous, dick, tits, and all, has wowed the Montréal crowd once again at the Métropolis. Sporting capes, donning skin colored skin tight jump suits, and a flashing clit, Peaches is true to her own hype. She fuckin’ rocks. With her cock out. For real. I am quite surprised that dildos did not make an appearance throughout the show. At least fake boobies did! Hooorah fake boobies! But first, a lady quite deserving of being a Peaches opener…Amanda Blank!

Live in Show: Peaches with Amanda Blank
@ le Métropolis (MTL; 17 11 09)

I first saw Amanda Blank when she toured with Trouble Andrew and Santigold. Regrettably, I only saw her perform for 15-20 minutes due to my usual and unsurprisingly-me tardiness. What I did see though, was a female fierceness that can only come from women that self-empowered and confidant. Once again, she delivered a big fuck you performance. She makes it. She takes it. And godddddddddddd do we feel it in our pants when she does.

Showing off her perfectly toned legs and her shapely bottom, she wears a black one piece covered with a black cape. She is wonder woman. This much is clear. She bumps, grinds, and shakes her way through many songs off of her newly released album I Love You. All my favorite songs were performed,”DJ”, “A Love Song”, “Something Bigger, Something Better”, and “Make It Take It”. The best performance of the night, IMO, was “Might Like You Better”. It was mashed up with Junior Boy’s “Like A Child” and it worked so incredibly well. YO DJ! You guys should do a full remix of this. It is pure gold. You can hear and see a bit of it from this video above.

Overall, a most back bending performance. Full of unremitting runs and no stutter lyrical prowess. I effin’ love this girl.


MP3: Amanda Blank – DJ

I’ve been waiting so long to see my heroine. Seriously. I’ve missed her shows at least 3 times now. Tonight…was redemption. Peaches first comes out wearing a huge black wig with bows. Imagine the Fever Ray tribal get-up except with a full head of hair. Her dancers are blond. Hah! After a few songs she strips to reveal a pink super heroine suit. Grand obtuse shoulder pads. High military boots. Hair and makeup to destroy. She plays plays with the lasers. The strobe lights. Her microphone. Her stand. Her ass, tits, and all. Shake you dick! Shake you tits! Shake your dick! Shake your tits! Everything is an object of her desire as she strokes all things phallic to deconstruct and smash patriarchy with her dutiful hands and dirty lyrics into nothing but some fuzz. Peach fuzz. MMMMMM. She has a flashing clit as she struts her way across the stage. She jumps into the crowd and surfs…FOR TWO WHOLE SONGS! Yeah, we held the Peaches up. It was awesome.

She goes through most of the songs on her new album I Feel Cream like “Serpentine”, “I Feel Cream”, “Talk To Me”, “Mommy Complex”, “Mud”, and “Billionaire”. Of course she performs some of her oldies, with my favorite one being “Fuck the Pain Away”. She is a goddess. The band was pretty amazing too. The sound was fantastic and her voice is empowering, immaculate, screamo yet emaciating all at the same time. She is fucking ferocious and nothing can stop her. A mini accident during the show defs proved how badass she is. She was balancing herself onto a speaker and as she made the jump back towards the stage when I guess, she lost her footing and the ground rushed up to meet her instead. Peaches was down for quite a while and at one point there was a little tussle because one of the stage managers went to see if she was alright and was instead pushed back by the guitar player. After about 30-60 seconds, she arose and wobbly walked her way towards the front of the stage. We clapped! We cheered! Aaah yes Peaches is indestructible! Then, she turns serious and stares for a few moments and spits out ALL THE BLOOD in her mouth from her fall towards us. Fuckin’ badass. At first I wasn’t sure if this was a gimmick because I couldn’t even see the pain on her face. But, I think it was real. Regardless. She is awesome. And she did ANOTHER encore after that.

The whole night after…and even now. I’m shakin’ my tits to her. And my dick, of course.


MP3: Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away

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