Denis Aydin and Andreas Rathgen, both from Germany, usually play some pretty hardcore psychedelic trance. You might know them as Day.Din and Radisnak. But I guess they decided to join forces and make music for those who are too fuckin’ tired, spaced out, drugged out and loopy to move even their eyes anymore. A Deep Dive is definitely in my tops for ambient music along with Tosca’s No Hassel, A Sunny Day In Glasgow’s Ashes Grammar, and the massive Life Through Bombardment by Eluvium, this year. It’s a great listen if you’re in the mood for just chillin’ (and rollin’). It’s special in that it’s a bit more than just the drones meant to cull you to sleep. A Deep Dive definitely has touches of Day.Din and Radisnak’s psychedelic and trance background. A few experimental tweaks and layers keep you attention yet mentally relaxes you at the same time. Imagine the technological sound of Trickform and Telefon Tel Aviv slowed to a heartbeat mixed with some of the black bass of Fever Ray, deep trance diminished to the basics, and the psychedelic nuances of Rathgen and Aydin. Yum. “Silk and Roses” and “Lost in Translation” are obvious faves for me on the LP.


MP3: Nordlight – Silk And Roses

MP3: Nordlight – Lost In Translation

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