Aaah the Cranberries. These Irish rockers have had a piece of my heart since forever. Every few months I relapse into a Cranberries phase, listening to nothing but Cranberries for weeks on end. Screaming to the top of my lungs to “Promises”, “When You’re Gone” and the many other songs that Dolores O’Riordan flawlessly sings with her ridiculously lovable voice. It’s been seven years since they’ve done anything together. I love them. Love love love. I had to see them. One last time…

It sold out it minutes and alas I did not have a ticket. Craigslist and Kijiji tickets were going for three times the price! And people were buyin ’em! Outside the venue, the normal scalpers (who I now know by name) sold all of theirs for $200 a piece! Shit! After being robbed of tickets because people who JUST ARRIVED decided to cut in line and gobble up the freed up tickets from the people who waited HOURS. People were crying, spirits were crushed, and emotions ran red because the management at L’Olympia ARE HORRIBLE. Saying it was sold out when it wasn’t. Releasing one ticket. Sold out. Then another. Sold out. Then two. Sold out. They sold them to people who WEREN’T EVEN IN LINE AND JUST GOT THERE. Finalement it was sold out. Calmez calmez…The show started and 15 minutes in, I tried my luck once more with a bouncer I recognize at most shows as being quite generous and hooooorah! He let us all in for free just in time for the start of “Dreaming Your Dreams”.

Videos, MP3s, and recap after the jump!

Live in Show: The Cranberries
@ L’Olympia (MTL; 22 11 09)

O’Riordan looked as beautiful as ever in her shining gold dress and silver shoes. Her voice was untouchable. It was so perfect, so immaculate and even better exposed than records or CDs ever could capture. Her Irish twang. So lovable. A true performer, strutting across the stage, doing mini dances, choreographed nonsense, it was all there! It felt like the coziest venue ever, as if she performed at Cabaret Juste Pour Rire instead of L’Olympia, a venue 4 time the size. She spoke French to us. I always love it when they try. Everyone there were HUGE FANS. We sang with full and open hearts. We cried (“When You’re Gone”, “Dreams”, “Ode…”), We protested with our fists in the air (“Free to Decide”, “Salvation”, “Zombie”). We stood in awe. We held our hearts on our sleeves.

I didn’t want it to end. Hit after hit was performed. The new solo material was pretty great as well, especially “Lunatic”. I wish she played “Analyse” and “Promises”. But I can’t complain. Two hours of solid solid Cranberries rock later we all left feeling nostalgic and happy. Nostalgic that we just got to see our heroes from our past performed for the first time in 7 years, singing to all the songs, remembering all the lyrics, and catching our tears with one hand while the other waves in the air. Happy knowing that we’ll feel exactly the same way in twenty years. Ugh it was such a great night. I well up just thinking about it.



Animal Instinct
Ordinary Day
Just My Imagination
Dreaming My Dreams
When You’re Gone
Daffodil Lament
I Can’t Be With You
Ode to My Family
Free to Decide
Waltzing Back
Switch off the Moment
Ridiculous Thoughts


The Journey

MP3: The Cranberries – When You’re Gone

MP3: The Cranberries – Promises

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