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***So I have my top lists compiled, I just haven’t been able to fully write it out yet. And since I will be in New York for New Year’s, my top lists will not be out until I get back. Super sorry! I am super excited for y’all to read it still! And within my mixtapes which I DID finish (phewf) are a lot of my favorites of the year and of the decade! Have a great new years and enjoy the mixtapes! Stay tuned for my top lists within two weeks!***

Alright y’all. This mixtape is pretty sick. Not gonna lie. In it, lies some favorite tracks of mine throughout the decade as well as constantly looped tracks of this year! Unforgettable club hits, street bangers, and undeground smashes! This is a mixtape meant for pre-party, pre-drinking, and pre-PAAAAAAAAAAAAIN! I hope your home/car/headphones has a lot of BASS (how low can you go)!

You will need it.


Download: ATM’s – New Year’s Eve Mixtape (Link 2)!
*sorry for the bad link! i was away and didn’t have time ’til now to replace it! enjoy!*

Playlist after the jump!

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Merry Christmas everyone! Though I don’t really celebrate this holiday and find it just like any other day…I figure I’d conform to the conventional gift giving and give you fellow readers some presents! In the form of music! Hoooorah! I never share full albums on this site because all the songs I post are samples in hope that you fall in love with the artist and support them by buying their albums and going to their shows and yada yada yada you know the deal! But I thought I’d make an exception on this holiday and share 3 favorite compilations of mine this year. One is a live compilation. One is a DJ compilation. And the other is a highly anticipated album to be released in 2010!

Stayed tuned for my kickass mixtapes to come! And also my Top Lists! More after the jump!

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Y’all know how much I love Jedi Electro. Ever since my discovery of them since the MJF, I have vowed to go see every single one of their shows in MTL, and I have. EVERY MONTH, they usually play at le S.A.T. which is close to the corner of Rene-Levesque and St. Laurent. All three shows were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Though they do recycle some of the same beats, every time it’s a different product. Their music is completely improvised, and usually every show, there is a guest player/singer and the crowd always ends up being a 6th member with our chorus like wailing. Sparklers are handed out. Superman and various other blow up objects are thrown. It’s the best deal out there for 2.5 hours of SOLID music for only $10. I said this in July and I will say it again, JEDI ELECTRO IS THE BEST GROUP RIGHT NOW IN MTL! I feel like they’re like mobile versions of Kraftwerk. Creating, innovating, and Godfathers in their own right.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

EVERY single show, I bring my camera, hoping to film a part of the show to share with you guys so you know what I mean, and hopefully the word will spread, but I never end up filming anything. i can’t seem to hold still at all to film one minute’s worth. And seeing their videos does NO JUSTICE to their live act. They truly are meant to be see live…their sound and their Force will never be able to translate on record as good as they do live. But I did find a few videos fo them…keep in mind that they are 3485890346x better live than seen in these videos! You can also check out Jedi Electro’s Vimeo!

Enjoy the videos and stay tuned for my NYE and NYD mixtapes as well as my year end lists!

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Y’all all know how much I love Beast…right? I saw them way way way back when I used to live in Edmonton at the tiniest venue that is the Pawn Shop. In the review that I gave directly after the show, I said that it was one of the best shows I’ve seen ever. And you know what, after tonight, I guess I’ll have to take that back because shiiiiiiiiiiet tonight had NOTHING on the Pawn Shop show. After the jump for videos, music, and petit recap!

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Winter is upon Montréal. It’s not that cold…yet. Negative 16 with bouts of snow but nothing like the -40 my home town of Edmontontians are suffering from. I find myself naturally going for specific albums during the winter time. Among these wintery albums is good ol’ Rufus Wainwright. This native Montréaler started when he was 6 and hasn’t quit.

He’s a vibrant live performer (if you haven’t seen him live in concert yet, do it, his voice is exponentially more amazing live than on record) who is always making jokes, cracking at heterosexuality, and has a plethora of costumes which I will happily forever keep in my mind.

His music on the other hand, is a compliment yet a contradiction to his onstage demeanor. His albums are filled with deep love songs, about heartbreak, about sex, lust, loss, and all the in betweens. Not only are his lyrics unbearably heartwarming, lovely, and wonderful in all the ways lyrics should be, but the way he sings, his voice, I swear I could hear only this without all the instrumental accompaniments and be equally if not more happy to have more of something so immaculately good.

The beauty of winter, the snow, the people, the collective cuddles and silenced complaints amidst a white winterland can only call for the joie de vivre and melancholy that is Rufus Wainwright. So, I share three songs from one of my favorite albums of his, Want One released in 2003.

P.S. I know I said the updates will be coming more often, but truth is I am in the process of making ridiculously awesome New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day mixtapes for you guys, as well as my top lists…so there will be music GALORE here soon. I just don’t wanna share all the good stuff just yet 😉

MP3: Rufus Wainwright – Vibrate

MP3: Rufus Wainwright – 14th Street

MP3: Rufus Wainwright – Want

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Hey guys! Hope y’all enjoyed my mixtape! Sorry I’ve been a bit absent. But coming up this week will be a lot of new music I’ve been meaning to share for ages and I gotta get it out before New Years yo! I thought I’d start you guys off this week with some good ol’ Kraftwerk. The Godfathers of Electronic music YEEEEEEE! They recently released a remaster of nearly ALL THEIR ALBUMS and it sounds sooooooooooooooooooo good. Here are a few of my favorites off of Tour de France. Stay tuned for more!

MP3: Kraftwerk – Elektro Kardiogramm

MP3: Kraftwerk – Tour De France

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