Y’all all know how much I love Beast…right? I saw them way way way back when I used to live in Edmonton at the tiniest venue that is the Pawn Shop. In the review that I gave directly after the show, I said that it was one of the best shows I’ve seen ever. And you know what, after tonight, I guess I’ll have to take that back because shiiiiiiiiiiet tonight had NOTHING on the Pawn Shop show. After the jump for videos, music, and petit recap!

Live in Show: Beast w/ Random Recipe
@ Club Soda (MTL; 15 12 09)

I have probably seen Random Recipe at least five times now with the first being at the Montréal Jazz Fest, where they got the opportunity of their lives playing in front of thousands upon thousands of people…and better yet, impressing ALL of us! Including myself, who has now become a pretty big follower. Last night, they were the opening act for another one of my Montréal loves, Beast. As per usual, the two female MCs Fab and Frannie looked fantastic while the guitarist (Vincent) and drummer (Liu) wavered in the background but their presence was definitely felt. They put on a fantastic show, sweat festering rapping, out of breath beat boxing, and the pussy prowess of the two front MC’s is worth it alone to see! I wonder when they’ll recognize me and be like, man that chick is here errrrrrrrrrrrrry show. One day. One day.

MP3: Random RecipeShipwreck

MP3: Random RecipeSomething on my Mind

On to Beast! My FAVORITE Montréal trip-hop/hip-hop/electronic band. Yes I guess that’s a lot of genres. But lets just say they are definitely my TOP THREE MTL bands. And the other one happens to involve Jean-Phi Goncalves too (Jedi Electro)! I did a review of their show at the Starlite in Edmonton early in the year. And it’s amazing how this band played at the Pawn Shop with no more than 50 people to a sold out show in Montréal in less than a year. Albiet it is their home town, and yes, there were a lot of family and friends…but still, that’s amazing!

Just like the show back at home, the setlist was pretty much the same, though thee set up definitely was not. High powered lights and back up singers donning traditional Ukranian (??!?!) robes while singing in traditional vocals was the trick. Oh, and the fact the band freakin’ LOVED playing to a sold out home show. The confidence was exponentially higher, and the overall feel of the show was too. But read my other review of them, as it is very similar, right down to the choreographed dancing. Last night was incredible, even more so than the Edmonton show…they felt like a tighter band, a more confident group, and ugh, playing to people who absolutely know you and adore you helps too!

Something I’ll always remember are their faces after each song with the crowd going wild, absolutely wild. Not only Random Recipe’s faces, but Beast’s too. It reminds me of Patrick Watson’s unceasing smile and laughter at the Jazz Fest. Never having played to large and knowing audiences before, still slightly in the newborn band stage, having no stadium status, and playing for the pure LOVE of music, performance, and creation, these two bands felt the pure love from the audience coming straight back. We became star-struck in the realisation that is music in it’s unincorporated form. It sounds so fucking good.

I love you Beast.

MP3: BeastAshtray

MP3: BeastOut of Control

MP3: BeastFinger Prints

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