Merry Christmas everyone! Though I don’t really celebrate this holiday and find it just like any other day…I figure I’d conform to the conventional gift giving and give you fellow readers some presents! In the form of music! Hoooorah! I never share full albums on this site because all the songs I post are samples in hope that you fall in love with the artist and support them by buying their albums and going to their shows and yada yada yada you know the deal! But I thought I’d make an exception on this holiday and share 3 favorite compilations of mine this year. One is a live compilation. One is a DJ compilation. And the other is a highly anticipated album to be released in 2010!

Stayed tuned for my kickass mixtapes to come! And also my Top Lists! More after the jump!

Blur – Live at Hyde Park (Glastonbury)

If I hadn’t been fresh off the move from Edmonton to Montréal, it would have been no question that I would have flew overseas, thousands and thousands kilometers away to go to Glastonbury just for this one band. Blur is one of my favorite Brit bands and I sorely sorely sorely regret not making it to the festival to see this epic reunion. I remember hearing this for the first time and couldn’t stop the tears welling when songs like “Tender”, “Beetlebum” and “the Universal” came on. I could only imagine if I was there for real. Click the pictures for the compilation!

July 02:
01. She’s So High
02. Girls & Boys
03. Tracy Jacks
04. There’s No Other Way
05. Jubilee
06. Badhead
07. Beetlebum
08. Out Of Time
09. Trimm Trabb
10. Coffee & TV
11. Tender

July 03:
01. Country House
02. Oily Water
03. Chemical World
04. Sunday Sunday
05. Parklife
06. End Of A Century
07. To The End
08. This Is A Low
09. Popscene
10. Advert
11. Song 2
12. Death Of A Party
13. For Tomorrow
14. The Universal

MP3: Blur – Beetlebum (Live at Hyde Park)

MP3: Blur – Tender (Live at Hyde Park)

Modeselektor – Body Language Vol. 8 (Get Physical)

Easily my favorite DJ mix compilation this year:

Their contribution to Get Physical’s Body Language mix series is a riotous, bass-heavy affair, one which takes in all kinds of interesting developments in cutting edge contemporary dance music. MDSLKTR draw a natural line from the fizzing aqua-crunk of Rustie’s ‘Zig-Zag’ to the R&B bump of Missy Elliott’s Timbaland-produced ‘Lick Shots’, from the skippy 90s techno of G-Man’s ‘Quo Vadis’ to the tough Berghain minimalism of Norman Nodge. Dubstep – a big influence on the Moderat project – plays a pivotal role in the mix: moody, synth-led masterpieces by Peverelist and Benga recall classic Detroit techno, while Untold’s devastating ‘Anaconda’ is sheer dancefloor energy. Scuba’s ‘Klinik’ isn’t so much dubstep as broken, reductionist house music. Throughout the mix, Gernot and Sebastian astound with their ability to bring apparently disparate tunes together into perfect synchrony: who else would have thought to marry the edgy 2-step of Horsepower Productions to the austere 4/4 pulse of vintage Robert Hood, and on into the crunching digital dancehall of Major Lazer? Sometimes the links that Modeselektor forge are less bizarre but no less effective.

Taken from wordandsound, where you can also purchase the compilation!

Owen Pallett – Heartland (2010)

You probably know him as Final Fantasy. But in 2010 you will know him as Owen Pallett (due to some copyright issues). The amazing violinist who performs predominantly with loop pedals and a dizzying array of cartoon light shows knows how to make your jaws drop in musical awe.  He’s released three fantastic works: Has A Good Home in 2004, He Poos Clouds in 2006, and Plays to Please in 2008. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting so long for this!!! I’ve heard the new material live a year back and neeeeeeeeeeeeeded to have a copy and finally finally finally an album is coming out! And though this isn’t technically released, I WILL have this in analog soon enough.

The songs themselves form a narrative concerning a farmer named Lewis and the fictional world of Spectrum.  The songs are one-sided dialogues with Lewis, a young, ultra-violent farmer, speaking to his creator.”

The album was compositionally modeled upon the principles of electronic music.  The principles of analog synthesis informing symphonic writing, like an inversion of a Tomita record.  These songs, too, were designed to be as dense with polyphony as the Final Fantasy live shows can become.  While writing it, I kept an image in my head of putting so many notes on the page that the paper turned black.”

This record encapsulates a whole year of work for me,  and was difficult to see through,  but immensely proud of the results.  I hope you enjoy it.”

Heartland is AMAZING and is to be released Jan 12, 2010! ENJOY!

Can’t you see why I love this man?

Heartland tracklist:

1. Midnight Directives
2. Keep The Dog Quiet
3. Mount Alpentine
4. Red Sun No. 5
5. Lewis Takes Action
6. The Great Elsewhere
7. Oh Heartland, Up Yours!
8. Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
9. Flare Gun
10. E Is For Estranged
11. Tryst With Mephistopheles
12. What Do You Think Will Happen Now?

MP3: Owen Pallett – Lewis Takes Off His Shirt

MP3: Owen Pallett – Tryst With Mephistopheles

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