Best of the Decade Part II: Indie is to come! If you haven’t already check out my Best of the Decade Part I: Electronic! Anyways, this week I share songs by:

Reflection Eternal, one part Talib Kweli, another part DJ Hi-Tek. They released their first album Train of Thought all the way back in 2000. TEN YEARS LATER they’re coming out with another album, Revolutions Per Minute due in MARCH! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAH! They’ve so far released two singles “Back Again” and “Just Begun”. The latter is my favorite and features Mos Def, Jay Electronica and J. Cole!

Clubfeet, a band from Australia (according to their myspace). A few years back they dropped Gold on Gold which pretty much scanned under the radar of EVERYONE, even their AMAZING pop single “Teenage Suicide”. I have no idea why. It’s smooth pop. Soft dance music. It’s cute and joyful but not too overbearing. I thought it was a pretty solid album with other singles such as “Count Your Lovers” and “BrightLightsBigCity”. After this LP they dropped off the planet…they haven’t made anything since and from the state of their myspace they must be on a hiatus of some sort…If I had a Best Tracks of the Decade or anything remotely as ambitious…this song would be on it.

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