Wise words from one of my favorite pop artists of all time, Madonna. I have just finished all my readings for a presentation while drinking sambuca in preparation for an epic party that will end le Radical Queer Semaine here in Montréal. I was listening to a whole bunch of music to read and then to get pumped up and unsurprisingly I found myself landing on some good ol’ Madonna. Who, like Oasis, has been a part of my life for more than I can remember.

I know I said a mixtape was on the way, and it is, it REALLY IS, and it’s gonna be awesome. I’ve been going to a ton of shows and will have a ton coming up. I’ve yet to (possibly) do reviews on Braids, Silly Kissers, and Neon Indian who I’ve recently seen…and I have Joanna Newsom, Calvin Harris, Flying Lotus, Benga, Air, The Clientele…and EFFIN’ COACHELLA!!!

I promise to get the mixtape out by the end of the month which will cover live reviews, album reviews, as well as anticipate some upcoming Coachella artists. But enjoy two of my favorite Madonna songs in the meantime…=)

MP3: Madonna – Take A Bow (One of the best love songs of all time…rivals George Micheal me thinks)

MP3: Madonna – Human Nature (the video for this is inspiring)

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