Coachella 2010.
Wow. What a great year.
Like my flatmate was telling me today, at Coachella and other great festivals alike, you just start imagining strings connecting all of us. Strings of bodies from all over this world bound and connected by music for this magnificent weekend each year. Coachella is a world unto itself. This weekend is filled with good music, vibrant energy, worldly generosity and with the help of drugs or not, there is this feeling of inexplicable happiness, indescribable joy and overwhelming emotion when you’re with all these fucking people, seeing bands, letting go, and one way or another we are swept away by Coachella’s breathtaking panorama, the sunsets, the sounds, the sights, and the synchronicity of what we’re sharing together. And this brings me to think again of how this was my best coachella yet. Best best best yet. I had the fucking blast of my life compared to when I went in 2008 and it was because well, obviously the killer lineup, but as with most things in life, it’s about the people that you share this amazing weekend with.

Stay tuned for my mixtape coming soon featuring a lot of Coachella artists 🙂

I found a rideshare on the forums and ended up making some great    Coachella friends from all over. My ride and car camping mates: Three from LA. One from Seattle. One from Texas. Two from jersey. And two from…MONTREAL! How wonderful is that?? We had amazing neighbors many of whom were Aussies. Damn there were so many Aussies there. And they SUUUURE knew how to party…party HAAAAAAAAARD. We really bonded with our neighbors next door from San Fran and just had the best time making rap songs about toilet paper, porta potties, and talking about weird asparagus smelling pee among many other subaltern subjects. Yes. Fun fact. Did you know that only 40% of people who eat asparagus create and smell a weird smelling kinda pee? Yes. So if this is you, you are part of The Chosen Ones…jajajajja. Anyways…

So, this Coachella had a lot of rule changes which probs were influenced by the Bonnaroo festival…the car camping, letting people bring in beer, composting stations…etc.. I think the biggest positive change was that you could go in and out of the camp grounds. It was so nice to be able to go back and chill, have some beer, have some food, and chat with everyone. I also liked that there was the farmers market there as well, with fresh fruits and vegetables so you didn’t have to eat greasy food all the time and refresh yourself with a nice juicy watermelon. What I really didn’t like was the fact you couldn’t bring in water. Not even water bottles that were sealed. They had this free water refill station but the catch was that you had to buy their 12 dollar water bottles. So I can see why now they made the no water in rule, but c’mon, 12 bucks? If you’re trying to be pro environmental and are encouraging people to reuse their bottles, let people who already have bottles refill their waters and not have to buy a 12 dollar water bottle that people don’t even need and reward them for already having water bottles, for already being like minded in trying to decrease waste. There would have been less people buying the one-time plastic bottles and reusing them, less waste and less recycling. And fine, with the money making to be had, do the 12 dollar thing but in keeping with the pro green responsibility that Coachella is trying to promote, at least increase the amount of water fountains available, garbage/compost/recycling, and 10 for 1 water bottle stations so that the labor needed to clean up the tragic state of the polo fields every night would be exponentially less. There is space. There are tons of volunteers. There are tons of people who would follow. There is obviously money to do it. It’s just a matter of putting priorities into action.

Nonetheless, Coachella was awesome as it usually is. The do lab was beautiful and there was a fantastic amount of shaded areas, including one of my favorites right behind a huge solar panel (there should be more of these!!!) It is my favorite North American festival because of the art installations, the variety of music, the set up, and the panoramic views of the palm trees and the mountains lit by the ever changing colors…Too too beautiful. This festival continues to entrance all of us trippin’, rollin’, fryin’, or otherwise jajaja.

Ok, so ONTO THE MUSIC! Wow this lineup was absolutely fantastic. I knew they had to keep their game up especially after the epic lineup last year for Coachella’s 10th year anniversary.

Day 1: P.O.S., Sleigh Bells, Aeroplane, Gil Scott-Heron, LCD Soundsystem, Jay-Z

P.O.S. is my favorite discovery of the weekend. So much energy on stage, great beats and politicized raps. He was one of the first acts to start this lovely day and the tent eventually got more and more packed. He just drew everyone in with his energy and it could be sensed from fieeeeeeeelds away. After reading more about him on his myspace, I am shocked that this rapper from Minneapolis doesn’t have a huger following. Taken from his myspace:

Most of P.O.S’ recent album was written in a moving car. On it, he raps at full-clip to ride rolling drums and revving distortion. There’s an urgency that he keeps in careful check, and then unleashes for spring-loaded verses that represent his best work. P.O.S built his reputation as an innovator, with an unlikely punk rock past and expressive, honest content. He re-earns the accolades with every release. His records capture his charisma—they’re driving and sincere, the dark moments counterbalanced by some giggling banter with the engineer. On Never Better, the new disc, he conjures get-away cars, racing chariots, the pursuit of sirens, and the occasional rueful nighttime drive.

P.O.S himself made more than half of the beats on Never Better, and the production bears his unmistakable signature. The album enters a room like bombshell with a black eye—badass, noisy, impossible to ignore. Feedback and relentless drum rolls are only occasionally tempered by sung choruses and clean, chiming guitar lines. Some critics will be eager to categorize the album as a hybrid—some kind of crossover project. But it’s probably not. P.O.S is a rapper with range, he’s a real musician and an unstoppable performer. For him, genres are as they ever were: permeable.

Wow. Check out the songs and video below and buy his albums here!

MP3: P.O.S. – Purexed

MP3: P.O.S. – Optimist (We Are Not for Them)

Next up was Sleigh Bells! I remember it being a decent performance. The lead singer was very theatrical and was giving it her all. But other than that, nothing crazy good like people were talking about…at least not for me…so as Jay-Z would say: on to the next one!

threw it DOWN! These Italian (?…I could have sworn they were Italian but their myspace says Belgian…eh)  powerhouses made us dance like no tomorrow. Such a great show. They started with their infamous remix of two years ago “Friendly Fires – Paris”. Remember when that song hit and the interwebs just fuckin’ blew up loving this song. It was everywhere. It started my days, ended my days…and this still does. Keeping in tune with soft italo-disco beats and smooth pop remixes, they churned out tons of great remixes of theirs, popular dance tracks such as PNAU’s “Baby, I’m Yours”, as well as some of their original material. I think my favorite part of their set was when they played “Whispers” and continuously looped the Junkie XL remix of Crookers’ “Cooler Couleur” at the end and then just finished us off with the craziest bass from this song. Ugh what a great set.

MP3: Aeroplane – Whispers feat. Kathy Diamond (Original Mix)

Gil Scott-Heron. Wow. Wow. Wow. This for me was one of the top acts of the entire weekend for me. And like James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem said during their set, “if you weren’t there, get the EFF OUT” because it was that magical. Scott-Heron has a ridiculously rich history. Born in 1949, he started his recording career in the 70’s. Having released a ton of albums which has undoubtedly influenced many artists today throughout the genres. Arrested, went to jail for cocaine possession. Got out. Got arrested again for the same thing. And then wham, released the incredible album I’m New Here just last year, the first one in 13 years of his recording history. Here is tiny more detailed tidbit by Wikipedia:

Gil Scott-Heron is an American poet, musician, and author known primarily for his late 1970s and early 1980s work as a spoken word soul performer and his collaborative work with musician Brian Jackson. His collaborative efforts with Jackson featured a musical fusion of jazz, blues and soul music, as well as lyrical content concerning social and political issues of the time, delivered in both rapping and melismatic vocal styles by Scott-Heron. The music of these albums, most notably Pieces of a Man and Winter in America in the early 1970s, influenced and helped engender later African-American music genres such as hip hop and neo soul. Scott-Heron’s recording work is often associated with black militant activism and has received much critical acclaim for one of his most well-known compositions “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.

His live show was very unlike his new album, which is, I feel, quite dark but in a wonderful kind of way…His set was uplifting. It was filled with soulful percussion, jazz, funk, and of course, the influencing power behind his worldly wizened voice. The tent was wild.

It is unfortunate that it wasn’t more packed. I mean this in the sense that no one should have missed this show. He is an effin’ legend…but I guess people were too busy watching passion pit. What bullshit. I am so shocked that this tent wasn’t packed. The same with the Orbital when they were playing in the Sahara. You could walk right in and be right at the front. This just isn’t right. Jesus people are missing out on the legends and are going to incessantly hyped up and blogged about artists that are yes, cool, I suppose, but this! THIS! is the kind of music that started it all…you know?  It just sucks that music that is so incredible, back to the roots, pure and basic, so fucking meaningful continues to remain underneath the pile of mainstream brainwashing. Anyways…

onto LCD Soundsystem. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to catch this set since I’ve already seen their epic set in Seattle a few years back. And quite honestly, from what I’ve heard on their new album, I just wasn’t as impressed. But, I was positively sick of trying to cram myself into tents and felt like an outdoors show would be best. They started off their show with the popular “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House”. Their set was was pretty decent but they simply didn’t have enough time to do themselves justice. “All My Friends” was incredible live. The best new song performed was “I Can Change”. I am happy they played outdoors. But please give them like freakin’ 2 hours or something next time because their songs just lull into each other and the build up is just as good as the climax with LCD sets. Other than that, I still hearts LCD. It was a fantastic set but not one of my favorites of the weekend.

MP3: LCD Soundsystem – I Can Change

AAAAH finally the closing night! It was pretty tough this night with all the conflicts and all. Deadmau5, Fever Ray, the Whitest Boy Alive and Jay-Z. Like holy fuck. Worst conflicts ever. How did I choose? Logically of course. Fever Ray I had already seen in MontrĂ©al and it was FREAKIN’ EPIC. And I knew that this was a visual show as much as musical and not being able to see over all those people would just piss me off. Deadmau5 tours all the time and yes I knoooow he unveiled his awesome new Mau5 head and Mau5 set up (influenced by Daft Punk’s pyramid perhaps?). So I knew I’d see him again. Though I heard his set at Coachella was quite incredible. So really it came down to WBA and HOVA. WBA rarely tours…and HOVA does. But I knew that when I would get a chance I would see WBA no matter the circumstance. HOVA on the other hand, I probably wouldn’t pursue in a stadium setting. Outdoors, at Coachella, HOVA would be AMAZING. He would THROW IT DOWN! And that’s how I chose. And I was right because he fucking killed it that night. Spitting all his popular rhymes from his massive discography…he made us crank our necks like never before. I really thought that he’d have a lot of guests show up as well, but the only two that did were Memphis Bleek and BeyoncĂ©. I thought maybe Nas? Rumors about Dre? That would have been great. Nonetheless, such a great set though not one of my favorites of the weekend either. But people can go eff themselves if they say Jay-Z didn’t put on a good show because he knoooows how to work the festivals! When “Big Pimpin'” came on, it was just game over. GAME OVER! What a great ending to a great first day.

Day 2: Portugal the Man, Girls, Beach House, The XX, Hot Chip, Muse, Flying Lotus, Die Antwoord, 2manyDJs

This was my best day of Coachella. Ever. In many ways it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I simply meandered and was kept enthralled with the multitudes of great music happening around me but oooo until the night came. That’s when things always get better. Flying Lotus. 2manyDJs. Shrooms. OOOOOooooOOooowee this was a wonderful day.

Portugal the Man. Saw them at Bonnaroo last year and was pleasantly surprised just like this year at Coachella. Rockstar energy galore.

Girls nearly put me to sleep. In a good way. Really great soft indie rock pop that everyone seemed to love. I heard about them before through the interwebs and apparently they have a pretty great album out. These San Francisco boys have such a great stage presence and did some pretty sweet covers too.

Ooooh Beach House. Practically like Phoenix, they are touring like crazy and hitting up all the major festivals, including Osheaga which will take place here in MontrĂ©al end of July beginning of August. Having already seen them in the coziest and most wonderful of settings at Sala Rossa, I thought it’d be interesting to see how well their music would translate at festivals. My conclusion: stick to the small venues. The show was great but their sound truly is meant for a smaller better insulated stage. Regardless, it was an amazing performance.

Onto the ridiculously hyped The XX. Never before has a band blew up so big. Maybe not since Vampire Weekend or Passion Pit. Overnight they became a sensation of sorts. They were on all the top 10 lists of 2009 and all skepticism aside, they did pull out an amazing self-titled album. It really is great. Basic. Minimal. Simple. Attributes that many bands nowadays take for granted in the pool of synths and overbearing layers. And maybe that’s why this album is so popular. Thank god they were on the outdoor stage because there was NO way they could have put the XX in a tent because the grass became invisible as you looked on towards the mountains.

And as the sun was setting, the intro notes of “Intro” came on and all my criticisms fell to waste. Conversations stopped as the bass lines gave us wide smiles, warm hearts, and anticipatory goosebumps because oh ho, this was going to be something to remember. They played (I think) all their songs off their self-titled. Our revelry took a short pause as gasps came into the air when the roof of the mainstage caught on fire. Scary but at the same time it was so fucking beautiful. The fire and smoke amongst the setting of the sun…and then it was put out. And we laughed as the bassist joked, “the roof, the roof is on fire”. Back we went into the lo-fi dream of the XX. The petit sounds of the xylophone off of “VCR”. The strong riffs of “Crystallized”. Aaaaiiiaaaiiiaaaaai. Fifty minutes came and went. The XX pulled it off and put on an amazing show. It couldn’t have been placed in a better time slot or a better stage.

Next up was Hot Chip. This was a must see. At Coachella 2008 they melted our faces. Crazy good transitions and own remixes of their originals, I was anticipating this show like mad even though I think One Life Stand just bloooooooooows in comparison to their other works. The sun was nearly fully set and the lighting on the stage took action. They started their set with “One Pure Thought” and a ton of their hits, “Over and Over”, “One Life Stand”, “I Feel Better”…and ended with “Ready For the Floor”. In the end, I was massive disappointed with this set. It just wasn’t as good live. Probably because a lot of the set was their newer material. They built up their songs. Built and built and built and just didn’t follow through I felt. Great dance party but I just wiiiiiiiiish they played more of their older material. “Touch Too Much”, “Playboy”, “Crap Kraft Dinner”, “No Fit State”. Aaah but I am being selfish. Still such a great show. Dancing down the sun. Below I share the best song ever from Coachella 2008 they did of “Over and Over”.

FINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY! THE NIGHT HAS ARRIVED! Dropped some mush and saw the latter part of Muse. I have seen them before at Parc Jean Drapeau in MontrĂ©al a few years back and it SUCKED. It really did. The sound was just horrible and they just weren’t that into it. The rain, which usually makes things more epic, wasn’t even used to their advantage. Blah. So I was walking into this with a loooot of cynicism. But WOW! Holy shit the sound at Coachella and the epileptic lighting is what hardcore rock bands like Muse NEEEEEED! The vocals were great and they were having a fucking awesome time. They played nearly every song you’d want to hear from their discography and I have never rocked out so freakin’ hard! They pretty much melted our faces. “Stockholm Syndrome” was the best of the night for me. Such an epic song for such an epic festival.

FINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY! ONCE MORE! FLYING LOTUS WAS NEXT AND WE ALL KNEW HE WOULD MAKE US SEE BEYOND INFINITY! Y’all know how much I love Flying Lotus. I just love him. I’ve seen him at Club Lambi. Where he destroyed all of us. I’ve seen him at le S.A.T. but unfortunately there were sound issues so the show ended on an off note. I talk about him all the time to my friends, to music lovers, probably in my sleep too. His discography is just ENDLESS: LPs, EPs, remixes, mixes, production work, and all his collabs all of which are just fucking incredible. His official original work dates all the way back to 2006 with his first LP 1983. NOT TO MENTION HIS NEW ALBUM COSMOGRAMMA IS JUST SO INTENSELY GOOD. HIS BEST WORK YET IMO! GAAAAAAAAAAH I CAN’T STOP TYPING IN CAPITALS I AM GETTING EXCITED JUST RECAPPING THIS PERFORMANCE.

Unbeknownst to most, Flying Lotus a.k.a. Steven Ellison has been making music for over a decade! Finally he gets his due. Finally he is getting the recognition that he and all his followers have been hoping and striving for for so fucking long. And this was a special Coachella. Last year he got effin’ snubbed. He was confirmed but wasn’t on the poster. Then unconfirmed. Like WTF. Goldenvoice FUCKED UP. And we were pissed. And he was sad and surprised. His blog post that he now took off rang something like “Flying Lotus – worked harder than most of the shitty bands/Djs playing Coachella. Wow.” But then he got reinstated for the Dome on the Saturday and all was forgiven.

And so Coachella 2010 would be a special special performance for him. We knew it meant a lot for him as much as it meant for us. This is THE TOP SHOW for me of the weekend. And to be honest, next to Daft Punk’s Alive Tour (still remains my top show of all time) I have not seen a better show. He poured his soul into those speakers. He poured his soul into his set. He made fucking love to us and we couldn’t have been any happier. My mind was fucking blown. Drugs or no drugs. It was a fucking trip. All of his live shows are. And you will never understand the full extent of the world that is Flying Lotus until you see him live. It is an experience. It is an adventure into outerspace, into the unknown. The beats were fuckin’ insane. My favorite part was “GNG BNG” melded with Portishead’s “Machine Gun”. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAME OVER! and best of all they were complimented with the nonstop array of mindfuck visuals done by Dr. Strangeloop. The visuals ALONE melted our brains but along with that LIGHT BOX…Holy fuck. HOLY FUCK. From a man who has experimented with psychedelics and has told the tale of his DMT experience, you just knew he knew that a large portion of us would see…differently. Though his music and his shows help us somewhat grasp an outer body experience, a higher consciousness, for those of us who were trippin’, rollin’, fryin’ or otherwise…WOW it really did make us see beyond infinity. It really was. I know this is said so much but that performance fucking changed me.

To Flying Lotus: Thank you for putting out this music, to go above and beyond sounds and visuals, to go beyond normal day corporeal limitations. From the first time I listened to your songs, I knew this was the kind of music I wanted to make. The first time I saw you live, my perceptions of art in all forms shifted in the most exponential of ways. Thanks for giving me so much inspiration and some of the best experiences of my life. Truly. Thank you.

I can only describe so much. And you can only listen to so much. So I share with you videos that I think do a decent job of representing Flying Lotus live. It doesn’t do him justice, but it is the best I can do to help you understand. Please buy his albums. Please support him and go to his shows. Below I share a shit ton of amaaaaazing videos of Flying Lotus at the Gobi Tent as well as two treats you might not yet have in your music library.

Buy his albums here!

Mix: BBC’s Essential Mix – Flying Lotus (29 11 09)
Mix: A Decade of Flying Lotus (mixed by Gaslamp Killer)

So…I really wanted to catch Die Antwoord. Many of you think they are absolutely horrible but face the fact that their beats are FUCKIN’ DOPE! They only had 20 minutes and they started right after Flying Lotus. Making the transition from the Gobi and the Sahara took an oddly long time…probably because I was still so in awe of the FlyLo show and everything else around me. I fuckin’ missed my opportunity to see these guys and it SUCKS because the videos of them are AMAZING. So while I wasn’t really there, I live through these videos below (and am still shitting my pants in the CafĂ© watching them while I write this recap…) ZEF SIDE!

The night gets better and better…Soulwax’s alter ego 2manyDJs were up next and there was noooooo way I was missing this! Such a great set with amazing mashups. The best part was the end were all the confetti blew out and they closed out the night with Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. Wow I really can’t think of a better way to end a perfect Saturday night. This was also one of my top acts of the weekend.

Day 3: The Glitch Mob, Spoon, Phoenix, Orbital, Thom Yorke, Gorillaz

Oh god day 3 was just a gongshow. My campmates, neighbors, and I already got haaaammed and it was like, 10AM. I missed a ton of shows in the afternoon because of my stupor while freestyling and making some pretty great rap songs about anything and everything. People came up to us thinking we had shit on us…alas nearly everyone was run out and everyone that night was suuuuper hungry. In the process, I missed Owen Pallett, Rusko, and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Damnit. But these are all groups that tour so I am not too sad about it.

I am just going to speed through everyone until Orbital, because that was the show that set up the emotions for the rest of the night.

The Glitch Mob put on a great live show. Very dubby and full of bass. It wasn’t danceable as much as their remixes are. It was more of a head banging show. Nonetheless, I was very impressed and had a great time at the Sahara for this show.

Spoon was great too. Though they really should have been put it in a tent or something because oddly enough there weren’t that many people out to see them as they were all lining up for…

Phoenix. Having seen these guys a few times already and knowing that they would be AMAZING live, I chilled and relaxed and heard their immense pop sound and the loud cheers reverberate to where I was instead of toughing it out in the crowd. It was a pretty amazing show. Perfect with the sunset.

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAH! Night time is here and I ditched the opportunity to see Pavement (because they are on a huge money grabbing tour and are pretty much touring a million cities…I’ll catch them in MontrĂ©al) and decided to see UK legends ORBITAL instead! The two brothers Phil and and Paul Hartnoll form this amazing group that has put out amazing electronic music since the 90’s. Their discography is pretty huge but IMO their best work was in the 90’s. This show was incredible because they played nothing but the best and WOW the light show was incredible. The energy! The Glow Stick Eruption during “Satan”! aka GLO-rbital! Orbital put on my second favorite show of the weekend. I sweated out 5lbs this show. Fuck it was amazing. You could just feeeeel the happiness when “Halcyon” played. It saddens me that more people weren’t here. Yes more space to dance which is great. But WTF were people doing missing this show? I just don’t get it. Good thing was that everyone who was there wanted to be and this made the experience even better with everyone raving like mad.

I ran over to the outdoor stage to catch Thom Yorke/Atoms for Peace and caught them just in time for the beginning of the set. Just like his Radiohead persona, he makes quirky jokes that no one seems to get, weird noises that we raise our brows at, but in the end, it’s fucking Thom Yorke and he can do whatever the eff he wants and I love him for his bizarrities. He was going to perform the entirety of his sole solo album the Eraser, a few Atoms For Peace songs, and from what I recall, only one Radiohead song (“Everything In It’s Right Place”). The light set up was incredible! There was a stir in the crowds, a massive collective goosebump to see Yorke, Flea, Godrich, and Waronker play together. Having never seen any of the Eraser songs performed before, I was pretty stoked to see how it would translate live.

WOW. It was freakin’ incredible. The percussions made the entire album feel so tribal, slowed it down a lot, made it a bit more…creepy and dark than it was originally. The instrumentals were perfect. Yorke’s voice flowed like water through the speakers. The entire band was so incredibly fun to watch! Thom was doing sexy hip slides. Flea was dancing INSANELY out of his miiiiiind. I seriously think this performance is better than the Eraser LP itself. I want Atoms for Peace to re-record this album because it sounds SOOO much better with a band. I speak no more, watch the videos. This dude (THANK YOU SO MUCH) on youtube recorded the ENTIRE set and the quality of all of them are pretty great. Below are some of my favorites including THE song of the weekend for me…”Skip Divided”.

Love electricity,
Shockwave central,
Power on the motherboard,


Ah the last night, the last performance. This show was hyped up like crrrrrrrrrrrrazzzzzy. Many like me, who came particularly for Gorillaz were super stoked for this show. The cameos were great! Bobby Womack, Little Dragon, De La Soul, and The Clash’s Mick Jones and Paul Simonon. I heard there were supposed to be more (maybe just rumors?) like Kano, Mos Def, Lou Reed…who knows! If they had Snoop Dogg that would have been Killer. Either way, Gorillaz definitely pulled out the stops with the guest appearances that I thought Jay-Z should have done.

Onto the show, surprisingly I was very disappointed. Like mega disappointed. The visuals were great and all, super well done and animated. But the side screens should have been up way higher ’cause no one could really see them if you were even maybe half into the crowd. Live, the songs just weren’t as good as the studio. Some songs like “Stylo”, “Feel Good Inc”, “Last Living Souls” were SO AMAZING. And then the songs like “Empire Ants” completely lacked the synth lines…the best part of the song!!! Transitions from song to song were slow, didn’t flow right…and at many points many people weren’t sure if it was over or not…They brought me so high up and then just dropped me. At points I got bored, and I got physically cold from not even moving my body because there was nothing happening or the sound just wasn’t right. And then finally at the end it was just…that. No goodbyes…no indication of anything. I’ve never had such a lack lustre conclusion of a night and to close out a 3 day festival like that is awful. But…I am still happy to have seen them, and to see Damon Albarn no matter the circumstance! Decent show in the end but it could have been loads better if the sound was right, if the transitions were more solid, and if gave us an ounce of crowd interaction. Maybe I am being too harsh, but these videos below are pretty great 🙂

So, that was the end of my weekend and I jetted off to LA for a week to relax. One of the best weekends of my life for sure, as Coachella tends to be. And I can’t WAIT ’til next year! Maybe Flying Lotus will headline the Sahara…:)

In the end:

Top Shows: Flying Lotus, Orbital, Gil Scott-Heron, 2manyDJs, and Thom Yorke
Worst Show (I had to leave): DJ Lance Rock
Best Discovery: P.O.S.
Biggest Disappointment: Gorillaz
Shows I Wish I Could Have Seen: Little Dragon, Jonsi, Plastikman, Whitest Boy Alive
Favorite Performance: Thom Yorke/Atoms for Peace – Skip Divided
Best Night: Saturday
Best Food (Campgrounds): Watermelon from the Farmer’s Market ($5 for one melon!)
Best Food (Chella grounds): Pad Thai with Vegetables and one Spring Roll ($10)
Biggest Rip Off: $5 for an iced coffee.

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