so, lots of things have happened since my last serious post. the montréal jazz fest. tons of shows in between. lots more coming up! i’ve got die antwoord (YESSSSSSSSSS!) tomors, meg montréal and osheaga are coming up, and i am once again heading off to new york for a week and along the way i will  be checking out flaming lips in central park! annnnnd the hard tour in nyc which features m.i.a. and a bunch of crazy fun other artists! i will mos defs be covering meg montréal but i dunno about the rest.

oh fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally! this mixtape has been soooo long due. like for real. the original playlist for this was made probably two months ago but obviously since then i’ve been hearing a lot of new artists so the playlist is now what it is. i had to put this out before it got too crazy. there are 40 tracks so unfortunately, like last time, i had to convert all the songs to a lower bit rate just to save space and upload it to mediafire…the mp3’s that i offer are of their original quality (very good) but within the mixtape it is all converted.

this mixtape is amazing. not gonna lie. unforts i couldn’t fit ALL the new stuff like lcd soundsystem, ratatat, etc etc but managed to put some amazing tracks from new albums released by m.i.a., crystal castles…and more. there is everything in here from minimal, techno, hip-hop, rap, house, haaaaaaaaaaauss, d’n’b, experimental to psychedelic, soft-pop, israeli goodness, and xyz genre jajaja.

it’s come to my realisation that for those of you who use itunes, the playlist doesn’t quite work and you’d have to renumber them manually just so the tracks play in their proper order…maybe some of you do this, maybe some of you don’t (because you use players like mediamonkey (woohoo!) or songbird (woohoo!))…but i DO encourage you guys to listen to my mixtapes IN ORDER. most of my time spent making them is well, doing the write up, but most importantly, is picking and choosing what goes in the mixtape and how to fit it in…if it isn’t played in order, well i could just pick a bunch of songs i like and zip it up and let it be that. but that’s no fun and so impersonal. i put a lot of love and effort into these mixtapes so i hope that you guys get to hear it the way it’s supposed to be heard! soooo…enough rambling, let’s dance! playlist after the jump!

p.s. happy belated to a special mr. taha!

Download: ATM’s Mixtape – Summer and Sangria

Download: ATM’s Mixtape – Summer and Sangria

summer and sangria playlist:

01 the juan maclean – fliz casa (ian breno dub)
02 the juan maclean – feel so good (dj kicks)
my man my man. he released the incredible The Future Will Come last year and followed it up this year by contributing to the DJ-Kicks series which started back in 1995 by the independent label !K7. a crazy amount of artists have contributed to this series ranging from chromeo, four tet, kode9, etc etc…i love Juan Maclean because it always feels like old school house mixed in with some retro and disco grooves. the whole dj-kicks mix is amazing.

03 tensnake – coma cat
i haven’t heard a track like this in while. Tensnake is a German music producer. i can’t much else on the guy but this song is buzzing on the airwaves! Such good HAUSS! Turn it up!

04 moby – wait for me (villA remix)

I haven’t actively pursued Moby’s music for a good 5 years now probs. I had no idea he released a new album just last year, Wait For Me. What definitely got my attention was this remix by the fabulous DJs behind VillA who, if you remember, did a killer remix for C90’s that I posted in my last mixtape. This song just KILLS.

05 crystal castles – intimate
i dun think i need much introduction to this toronto band. they released their debut self-titled album in 2008 and were a part of many top lists at the end of the year. tours and tours later, plus some breaks in between, they finnnnnally release their next anticpated (and self-titled album) this year.

imo, their latest album is a million times better than their first. holy shit it is an AMAZING listen. tracks like “empathy”, “baptism”, “year of silence”, “violent dreams”, this track “intimate”…hell all of their tracks are just head bangers. it is a bit less experimental, screechy, and new wave than their former album. the latter is a bit more accessible than their last and they’ve found killer hooks in each track to keep you dancing. ooooh the production of this album is just incredible. TURN IT UP!

06 crookers ft. nic sarno – boxer
check out my last mixtape, i featured these guys quite a bit in it as well! djs phra and bot were a part of the grand theft auto music making and this was their track they came up with. it’s awwwesos.

07 two door cinema club – something good can work (the twelves remix)
these guys are from northern ireland and are a part of the infamous kitsune record label. they released their debut album tourist history this year…i don’t follow this band too much other than the remixes that come out…especially this one, remixed by the twelves! remember the twelves? last year they were HUGE and now they have kind of disappeared. this track is such a great reminder of their soft, smooth, brazilian electro pop sound. it will make you DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCE!

08 delphic – counterpoint (tim goldsworthy edit)
these guys released their latest album, acolyte, this year. it is one of my favorite albums yet. taken from lastfm:

Delphic is an electronic/indie  three piece that aims to be the future sound of Manchester, by mixing euphoric electronica with anthemic songs for a post-dance world. The group who formed in 2009, is made up of James Cook (vocals and bass), Matt Cocksedge (guitar) and Richard Boardman (synths). They are also accompanied by Dan Hadley on drums.

09 the orb – little white fluffy clouds
i reeeeeeeeally shouldn’t need to introduce these guys. but i will give a tiny tidbit. alex paterson and jimmy cauty first formed the legendary british electronic music band. and now, this group contains a variety of musicians and collabos from time to time. this is a group known for pioneering the genre of ambient house and have been influencing plethoras of future genres ever since their start in 1988. this is a song released in 1990 and is one of my favorite orb songs to date!

10 jurgen paape – 864m
jurgen paape, from germany, is one of the founders of the kompakt record label (amazing!). he doesn’t have many releases outside of his single tracks which are featured on the fantastic yearly kompakt volumes, which host a variety of techno minimal artists from paape, michael mayer, lawrence, and justus köhncke. chill time.

Download: ATM’s Mixtape – Summer and Sangria

11 flying lotus – zodiac sh**t
12 flying lotus – galaxy in janaki
like i say over and over again in these blogs, if you aren’t already in the know with this guy, you are missing out on the future of music. search my blogs for my gazillion posts on this wonderful genius that is flying lotus. cosmogramma remains one of the most repeated albums for me this year…even amongst all the new anticipated album releases this year. flying lotus, cosmogramma, they’re just super special. PLEEEEEEASE check out his shows or buy his album! YEEEEE TURN IT UP!

13 demdike stare – nothing but the night
miles whittaker and sean canty from the UK form the group demdike stare. i saw these guys for the briefest of moments at the mutek festival. i regret that i only caught the last two songs because they killed their set which from what i can remember, was very bassy and dubby. their album, symbiosis, which was released last year, is on the other hand very very experimental and is very much like the album title suggests…a symbiosis of a plethora of sounds coming together like physics. i feel like i am on an acid trip in the forest when i listen to the album. this is one of my favorite songs off the album!

14 fur – blood
15 fur – hidden

fur started back in 2008 with bryce isbell. before starting up on music he studied film in paris which greatly affected his understanding for musical and visual composition. he then met gray saint germain gideon who used to be a part of ghosthustler and together, they released their sophomore album, witches, this year. it is by far one of the best idm, experimental, chillwave and abstract albums i have heard to date. every song is perfect pitch perfect everything and you can loop it all day and never be tired of the new atmospheres it brings to light.

16 the temper trap – fader (jakwob remix)
The Temper Trap is an indie rock band which formed in 2005 in Melbourne, Australia. The band consists of Dougy Mandagi (vocals, guitar), Lorenzo Sillitto (guitar, keyboards), Jonathon Aherne (bass) and Toby Dundas (drums). like the two door cinema club, i haven’t really followed these guys outside of the remixes done of their songs. this one is from the rising dubstep artist, jakwob, whose ellie goulding remix i featured in the last mixtape as well!

17 naive new beaters – just another day

18 naive new beaters – live good
this was one of my favorite shows at montréal jazz festival 2010. i totally didn’t know what to expect when i was heading to scène bell but i knew it would be good since it was the stage made for funk, pop, and all things dance! best discovery ever. these french american LA-ites blew the top off the non existent roof. these guys had hand made lit signs, choreographed dances, unrelentless reciprocal love to the audience, easy sing a long light up your day lyrics with electropop electrorap injections…i could go on and on. they got us to hug each other, go on each other’s shoulders, give each other looooOOOOve! basically, the energy these guys had could power the earth for days. next to caravan palace, this show was the craziest dance party i have been a part of at mjf. their latest album, wallace, is amazing. so fun and genuine. see them live if you can! here’s what lastfm has to say:

Ladies, fat boys and tennis players get ready ! Here come the incredible Naive New Beaters, best beat in town. Take an American wannabe singer, a 90’s rock’n’roll fan and a French programmer. Leave them two years in a dirty flat, feed them with 80’s nostalgia, audio devices, kinky language and you’ll find out what it’s all about.

Careless with music traditions, the Naive New Beaters go from hot sand to burning snow, throwing a powerfull music filled with wild melodies. Crunchy & syncopated rythms meet a pecullar “hip pop” flavoured voice surrounded by wailing flashy guitars, all this in respect to the famous californian laid back attitude. It’s all about a dream of RZA flirting with Rod Stewart, Alf spinning the place with Paul Van Dyk and a juicy AC/DC burger.

19 esau mwamwaya and radioclit – kada manja
this name should be familiar to you by now. back in 2008 mwamwaya and radioclit released the very best mixtape which was looped incessantly. esau mwamwaya was born in mzuzu in malawi, east africa. he grew up int he capital, lilongwe where he played drums in various bands such as the masaka band. he currently lives in london, england!

20 the do – unissasi laulelet

oh god does this band make me melt. please please please check out their new album A Mouthful! taken from lastfm:

The Dø is a folk/pop band formed in 2007 comprising Dan Levy and Olivia Bouyssou Merilahti from Paris, France and Helsinki, Finland respectively. Their name apparently derives from the first note in the C-major scale. The Dø’s music can be classified as diverse, incorporating many different genres and styles, including avant-garde noise, hip-hop and classical music. Thus the music could be said to fit into the freak folk-genre. The band’s debut record was called A Mouthful and was released within Europe in 2008. A Mouthful will be released April, 2010, in U.S. by Six Degrees Records.

Download: ATM’s Mixtape – Summer and Sangria

21 caravan palace – jolie coquine

easily THE BEST performance of the montréal jazz festival this year. the best part, they were a surprise band! we showed up and heard what sounded very much like the gypsy swing jazz electronica melange that caravan palace is very famous for and surely enough it was them! my friends and i caught both of their shows and swung and lept and danced crazily until our barefeet begged us to stop. there was so much energy to handle and by the end of their sets, i am pretty sure everyone else, much like me, had fallen in love with each member (especially colotis zoé!!!!) and wanted to become their groupies. no joke. taken from lastfm:

It all started with a double bass player, a guitarist and a violinist; all highly talented musicians who are really into swing, Django addicts who enjoy tinkering with electro. Their project swayed a singer, a clarinettist, a trombonist who doubles up on percussion and a guitarist who also acts as DJ. With their “Zazou” look (inspired by Parisian paleo-punks from the 1940s), they serve up festive, frantic music, an improbable futuristic and melodious Charleston fit for the dance floor. Caravan Palace is to swing what the Gotan Project is to tango.

It so often starts out like that: a gang of mates who’ve kicked around together for the past ten years and who each get into music off their own bat. In this case, it was Hugues on the violin, Arnaud on guitar and Carlos on the double bass. A shared craze for manouche jazz (gypsy-style jazz), played in its natural setting, bars. Relatively serious composition, with a Zeitgeist twist: DIY electro, house, dub and hip-hop.

What triggered it all was an order placed by a film production company: a soundtrack for silent porn films dating from the beginning of the 20th century! They trotted out all their talents. Our three heroes played the end result to some friendly listeners, the feedback persuaded them to drop their individual projects and come up with a repertory of their own. Because there was no question for them of reworking Django or giving swing a face-lift! If they were going to forge their own path, it had to be something completely fresh.

This was back in 2005: it would take them an entire year. At which point they met Loïc Barrouk, manager of the Café de la Danse, who was really keen on the project. He got them into the studio (recording with session musicians), and then got them some gigs. For that, they needed some reliable fellow travellers, so they surfed MySpace. Two months later, the troops had been mustered: Chapi (clarinet), Toustou (who plays trombone and beat synthing), Aurélien (alternating as guitarist and DJ) and, last but not least, petulant vocalist Colotis Zoé, every bit as sweet’n’saucy as her signature song “Jolie coquine”! Among the three pioneers, Hugues, the crazy one, has revealed a talent for frenzied scat, Arnaud and Carlos double up their instruments thanks to programming. All together, they composed a new repertory. The Caravan took off.

please check out their self-titled album!

22 utah jazz – take no more
23 utah jazz – quincy (pharcyde vocal vip)

luke wilson aka utah jazz started back in the mid 90’s. he began to DJ and learn the production ropes with d’n’b legend alex reece. he got his big break when he remixed roni size’s famous song “it’s a jazz thing”. after ten years and a kajillion track releases on the reknown hospital records and liquid v label, he is one now one of the most on demand djs and producers within the genre. teasing us with the killer song “quincy” which samples the pharcyde, this liquid funkster FIIIIIIIIIIINALLY releases vintage, which oddly enough doesn’t have “quincy” on there. every track on vintage is stellar. amazing d’n’b and jungle beats, crazy catchy vocals, and as usual, the instrumental acid jazz flare that so often makes his music stand out. one of my fave albums of the year fo sho. please please buy this album!

24 m.i.a. – the message
25 m.i.a. – teqkilla

26 m.i.a. – caps lock
this sri lankan political activist musician has rose to stadium status in the past half decade to the point where her twitter feed is being read, watched, and blogged about more than actual news…i imagine.

she JUST released her newest album in 3 years since kala, entitled maya. i have given it about 3 listens within two days and i must say that it is a DEADLY album. practically every track is a fancy footwork inducer, politically conscience, and rarely let’s us forget the style behind her lyrics and musical mannerisms. interestingly, far away from m.i.a’s previous style, there are a few tracks that are overwhelmingly poppy. overall though, the new album is suuuuuch a great listen and will defs be on my tops for the year end. despite this, i do think arular and kala are better albums because at the time they were released, it was just such an experimental sound within hip-hop that wasn’t as exposed as it is now. with maya, now, where super super creative and unique music has become scarce and sooo hard to find, even the extreme feels mainstream. and i guess that’s how i feel about the newest album. regardless, it’s all sooo good. TURN IT UP!

27 actress – maze
all i know is that this guy is from the uk. his myspace is pretty…un-updated and underneath his biography is a picture of him in one of those rice field jap hats with him sticking up the middle finger. oddly enough, this pretty much sums him up. i saw him at the mutek festival in montréal. you can read about it here.

he released his only album, splazsh, this year. it is…an interesting album. definitely takes a while to get used to, he has got some incredible tracks but some of them drag on too long and after that you start to lose the feel of the album or where exactly he’s trying to take you. either way, an interesting listen and you should also see him live despite his very evasive mannerisms. “maze” is my favorite song off the album!

28 major lazer & la roux ft. gucci mane – i’m not your lemonade
no need to introduce these guys to you now do i? msot recently, they teamed up and made a killer mixtape, lazer proof. which you can get here.

29 shad – yaa i get it
shadrach kabango was born of rwandan parents and raised in london, ontario. he has been representing in the canadian hip-hop scene along with the growing scene with the likes of drake, k’naan, and others. his debut album is When This Is Over which debuted back in 2005 was self made and financed by a talent competition back in his days in university. later on in 2007 he was signed by black box recordings and released The Old Prince (amazing!) and it received a juno and polaris prize nomination.

his NEW album TSOL is INCREDIBLE. shad’s sound is truly old school hip-hop, with fantastic beats and political flare to the lyrics that is more rare these days than in the past. TSOL also has been shortlisted for the polaris prize 2010!

if you haven’t picked up his album yet…PLEASE DO! one of my fave hip-hop albums of the year!

30 drake ft. jay-z & notorious b.i.g. – light up (cookin’ soul remix)

another canadian hip-hop artist who blew up in under a few years all with the huge help of the music-blogosphere. jeez he won the juno award in 2010 and was nominated for the grammy’s even BEFORE he released a full album! he’s worked with all the big names like lil’wayne, jeezy, kanye, eminem, and jay-z. finally, he released his long awaited lp thank me later just last month and it’s pretty dece. i love drake but i guess all the hype of this album gave me some pretty huge expecations. i just wish he included some of the songs from his past mixtapes onto his studio albums. either way, fantastic listen and “light up”, already a huge fucking track, gets remixed and is MIIIINT!

Download: ATM’s Mixtape – Summer and Sangria

31 theophilus london – i want you (marvin gaye cover)

oh god this guy is amazing. if you  haven’t heard the i love you mixtape yet do yourself a favor and get it here! this cover is genius. i love this marvin gaye track and theophilus keeps it just as sexy as the original.

32 radio utopia ft. yelena – algebra of delight
daniel regenberg and jerker kluge, both from belgium, are two jazz musicians who decided to make a sampled based disco funk hiph-op house afrobeat influenced club music album called algebra of delight which was released this year! this is one of my fave songs off the album.

33 shotey hanevua – yefeyfia

i’ve been getting into israeli music quite a bit lately. this is one of my favorite discoveries yet. i can’t much else on them except for this little excerpt on lastfm:

Shotei Ha’nevua or “The Fools of Prophecy”, was an Israeli musical group selected as Israel’s “Band of the Year” in 2005. The band described its music as a fusion of dub reggae with hip-hop and dance music, with an eastern Mediterranean flavor. The band toured the United States in 2005, performing at major colleges and universities.

Shotei Hanevua broke up on August 12, 2007. Singer Avraham Tal started a solo career. Meanwhile, the majority of the band continued to play together under the new name “Pshutei Ha’am”.

34 the roots ft. joanna newsom – right on
35 the roots ft. monsters of folk – dear god 2.0
i don’t think i need any intro on these guys. in case you’re unfamiliar, check out their myspace and their website! they released their latest album how i got over this year and it is AMAZING. such good collabs with the likes of quirky indie star joanna newsom, the star studded monsters of folk, and many many others. such a good listen and defs one of my fave hip-hop albums of the year. i share two of my most looped songs.

36 mook e – elohim

another gem from israel that i have really been obsessed with. i can’t find anything of him on the interwebs. both albums of his that i have managed to find so far are from song to song are amazing. thought i don’t understand a word of what he’s saying, like the other israeli artists i have discovered, the feeling is all there and words are not necessary. he represents israeli hip-hop, rap, and reggae to it’s best with his heartfelt delivery of his words. buy his music here!

37 eviatar banai – laila kayom yair

check out my recent post on him for more music!  eviatar banai is another israeli artist that i have fallen in loooove with. can’t stop listening to him. i could listen to him all day. buy his music here!

38 ben frost – híbakúsja
check out my mutek review of him for more music! easily one of the best and interesting shows i have seen this year and his latest release last year, by the throat, has been on repeat for those stoner days. taken from lastfm:

Ben Frost  (born 1980 in Melbourne, Australia, now based in Reykjavík, Iceland) is a musician, composer and producer, whose early work included the independently released ambient electronic  EP Music for Sad Children (2000) and for his band School of Emotional Engineering. However Frost is probably most widely recognized for his experimental  music drawing widely on influences of minimalism, post-punk, black metal and noise best demonstrated on the 2007 release Theory Of Machines.

Download: ATM’s Mixtape – Summer and Sangria

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