currently, i am in the warmth that is mexico! have been travelling around here for roughly a three weeks now and i have a lot more to explore! before that, as y’all might know, i was at burning man and made a west coast to east coast roadtrip out of it…camping in as many national parks as possible, being with nature, doing amazing hikes, and reconnecting. since my first burn, my music expansion became exponential. the new music i was listening to was an integral part of my travels in america too…a lot of music in this mixtape i was listening to when the sun was setting or rising, when i was cruising on a long and winding road down a mountain, when i was just being.

the music in this mixtape means a lot to me and i hope y’all can feel it. there’s a mix of all of the new influences i was introduced to, as well as some old school love. there’s everything from grime dubstep drum and bass to indie rock pop. thanks for waiting for so long for it to come out!!! like with all the mixtapes before…it’s really important to listen to it in order. from what i gather, most of you guys have itunes, which is shit for my mixtapes ’cause it still doesn’t play it in order even if i renumber the tags myself. please click on the playlist file, so it plays the files in order. using vlc, mediamonkey, songbird, or winamp is the best 🙂

playlist after the jump! get ready to get GRIMEY!

download: atm’s mixtape – new beginnings

atm’s mixtape – new beginnings

Mixtape Playlist:

01  the go! team – apollo throwdown
the go! team
are from brighton, uk. they’re a six piece band that released a mercury music prize nominated album that you might remember back in 2004 called thunder, lightning, strike! their music is incredibly energetic as they power through a kajillion samples along with live instrumental rowdiness. they finally released a new album just this year called rolling blackouts. though i’m not as impressed as i was with their first lp, it is still filled with teenage misfitty good fun. this is my favorite track. buy their albums here!

mp3: The Go! Team – Apollo Throwdown

02 born i – nothin’ on u
my homies from 88 DC brought me onto this guy. listened to his mixtape and am super impressed with what he did with some super popular samples from the likes of clipse, b.o.b., and erykah badu. he released his first solo lp late last year, tomorrow is today.
taken from his website:

The boy who would be “Born” was born Ofosu Jones-Quartey on a hot August day in Washington, DC. Early influences came from his father’s extensive collection John Coltrane records, and the larger-than-life personality of Frank Sinatra left a deep impression on the young Ghanaian-American. But Born’s musical upbringing was eventually dominated by his love for hip hop and electronic music, drawing heavy influences from the likes of Rza, Kanye West, Diplo, Jay-Z, Ghostface, M.I.A. and The Clipse to name a few.

buy his album here!

mp3: Born I – Nothin on U

03 hilltop hoods – the certificate
this is by far one of my favorite hip-hop discoveries eva! my homeboy from australia first started playing hilltop hoods for me back in september 2010 and ever since then i’ve been hooked. they formed in 1991 from adelaide, south australia. their name refers to hilltop road in blackwood, an adelaide suburb they grew up in and one day they were all known as the hilltop and the name stuck.  pressure, suffa, and dj debris form this incredible trio who all were inspired by american rap artists such as krs-one, pete rock, and gang starr. it’s no question that this influence affected them greatly ’cause all their lps are filled with fantastic beat production, soulful storytelling rhymes, and positivity. it’s none of the bang bang 50 cent or i am the best kanye shit. hilltop hoods makes me believe that hip-hop is still living. they’re wise certified. buy their albums here!

mp3: Hilltop Hoods – The Certificate

04 tanya morgan – alleye need
this is another group that keeps hip-hop alive and is also another one of my favorite discoveries of last year. tanya morgan have two lps thus far, moonlighting (2007) and brooklynati (2009). the latter is on constant repeat for me still. i don’t think i can say it better than this:

And what sound should one expect from three men who named their group after a fictitious woman? Expect the unexpected. There are no neo-soul, rap, r’n’b, hybrid songs on the album. There is actually no crooning whatsoever. There is cursing – sometimes, but not the cursing just to be cursing. Cursing more like ensuring the ignorant listeners hear it. It is the sound of a non-violent M.O.P. who took charm classes at the Handsome Boy Modeling School and had to record an album over the beats that class professor Madlib thought twice about using for their final exam. Lyrically the three saturate their clever content with enough personality to push the listener through songs at rewind button-breaking speeds. Tanya Morgan has, in effect, dubbed their sound “Running Man Music”, and that descriptor is two fold. When the BPMs aren’t cranked up to a pitch frenetic enough to induce the dance itself, the emotion evoked by the music is enough to remind the listener of a time when Hip Hop was urgent.

buy their albums here!

05 tanya morgan – on our way

06 floating points – k&g beat
floating points is an up and coming artist that has been winning the hearts of benji b, kode9, mary anne hobbes, gilles peterson, many more artists, and of course, me, for the past few years. twenty two years young and accomplished pianist since 16, floating points creates wonderful deep/house music melanged with dubstep, chillout and burial-esque beats inspired by some of his favorite influences such as theo parrish, dorothy ashby, and stravinsky. this track is off of the label Planet Mu’s mix LP released this month. support floating points here!

07 calibre – even if…
dominick martin a.k.a. calibre, comes from belfast, ireland, and was initially trained as a classical violinist before giving up strings for drums. influenced by the detroit techno and house scene, he grew inspired by artists such as kenny larkin, juan atkins, the orb, and carl craig. he moved away from this scene when his brother introduced him to the drum and bass and jungle scenes. for the past decade and more, calibre has been producing warm, inspiring, and soulful drum and bass ever since. in 2003, he finally realised his dream with his own label, signature records, for his own experimentation and collaborations. he released his new lp last year, even if, a stellar heartfelt look into a form of drum and bass that paints optimism wherever it’s heard. this is one of my favorite tracks off the album. buy his music here!

mp3: Calibre – Even If…

08 bcee and s.p.y. – is anybody out there?
keepin’ the soulful drum and bass tracks going, i decided to put in a collabo done by two very reputable artists in the drum and bass world. bcee aka steve jeffrey, is the label boss of spearhead records, home to some of my favorite and the d’n’b aficiandos’ artists such as lenzman, logistics, utah jazz, and the artist below, netsky. bcee and his label are known to consistently release soulful and sweet liquid grooves, minimal beats, to full on change of five tshirts sweaty drum and bass goodness. s.p.y. is from london, uk and has worked his way to becoming a known name in the drum and bass scene working alongside bcee, dj marky, and total science. he’s released many records off of metalheadz, soul:r, and and innerground. this is his most recent collabo with bcee. turn it up!

Since moving to London from Sao Paolo 7 years ago, Carlos Lima aka S.P.Y hasn’t looked back. Initially drawn to the city for it’s music and culture, S.P.Y soon settled in amongst the vibrant drum & bass scene. With a background in DJing stretching back to the age of 12, his skills behind the turntables were already in place and he set out to make his mark as a producer. A natural talent for music production certainly helped and, after just six months of learning on basic equipment, he signed his first ever release to Metalheadz in 2005.

09 netsky – storm clouds
i love netsky. i’ve been listening and watching netsky grow for a few years. in the beginning, just a drum and bass producer trying to find his way…released “secret aget” and “memory lane” in the past years and now, has evolved into a true liquid soul drum and bass producer. this is evident in his first self-titled lp released last year. he hails from belgium and has been making music for the latter half of the decade. if his lp isn’t a sign of what’s to come, i hope this track will give you a hint of just how incredible this man is! turn it up! buy his music here.

mp3: Netsky – Storm Clouds

10 four tet – spirit fingers
i don’t think i need an intro to kieran hebden…do i? incredible producer from uk? released one of the best albums, there is love in you, last year? in fact, continually releases tracks and does collabos and remixes that are always awesome? i’ve been revisiting some of my four tet lps of late and wanted to share one of my favorite tracks from him off of one of my favorite albums of all time…rounds. buy his music here!

atm’s mixtape – new beginnings

11 aeroplane ft. kathy diamond – whispers
aeroplane were once a two man team that hailed from italy and belgium. together, they worked on remixing various dancefloor hits from the likes of grace jones, friendly fires, and sebastian tellier. though now it’s a one person show, vito de luca still keeps the nu/italo disco pop beats groovin’. taken from lastfm:

Flying solo has given Vito the chance to flex his classically trained musical muscles: “We’ve been put in the dance music category but I’m a songwriter, that’s what I know how to do. I wanted to go back to proper pop music, not being forced to do nine-minute tracks so the DJ can mix in before and after.” Aeroplane have never been at the mercy of traditional bpms, and being free of “the dancefloor pressure” has given Vito additional license to slow things down and look around. “I’m at my best at 105bpm,” he says. “That’s the speed where I make the best music. You can do more, there’s more groove, more feeling.”

he has released his first solo album we can’t fly last year! this track is taken off of whispers ep vinyl. one of my favorite aeroplane tracks. buy their music here!

12 jurgen paape – mit dir
13 jurgen paape – so wit wie noch nie
aaaah i looooove jurgen paape. he is one of the founders of kompakt label and released kompilation late last year. he is the influence of many techno/minimal/house artists that are out there today…and you’ve probably heard one of his samples at some point in your life. taken from kompakt:

How do you define an artist who has never performed live, nor DJ’ed, nor ever had his photograph published and has never partaken in an interview? By the music of course. Jürgen Paape has proven this time and time again. How? Listen. Hear. Right. Now. Co-owner of Kompakt. The house’s most elusive member remains the un-compromised, untainted shining star. And without ever being there….the one who launched the label with our first release “Triumph”, Jürgen Paape has left a legacy of music that is a true core of the sound which Kompakt’s foundation is built on. We celebrate Jürgen Paape with “Kompilation”. A well deserved opportunity to hear Jürgen Paape for fans and newcomers – revived and remastered in a way that it plays through like a full length album. Some of the biggest moments of Kompakt over a decade history are here; the chorus of “So Weit Wie Noch Nie” remains timeless -there to send shivers of pleasure down your spine as we feel at the end of exhaustive end of a night at Total Confusion. “Take That” is an anthem for the unbuilt rock stadiums of tomorrow. The bona-fide hit that put him in the charts in Australia and Italy is here – “Come Into My Life (Radio Edit)” remains undeniably one of Kompakt’s catchiest pop tracks ever.

14 gui boratto – like you (supermayer remix)
y’all who read atm enough will know who gui boratto is. he is one of my favorite minimal/techno artists everrrrrrrrrrr and probably my favorite to come out of brazil. this is a track i continually go back to. buy his music here!

15 mimosa – julia’s labyrinth
uuuuuuuuuugggh i love mimosaaaa!!! he is one of my favorite discoveries since burning man and ever since then i’ve been putting his albums on repeat and rockin’ out to ridiculous glitchy dubsteppy goodness. i saw him open for eoto at the wonder ballroom in portland a few months back and he killed it too just like he did at the playa. if you like getting grimey, down and dirty and sweating your skin off dancing bopping and being hood because you love it then mimosa is for you. he is based out of san fran but currently lives in los angeles. each of his lps are no longer than 5 songs (except for his most recent, silver lining). it was super hard to choose which tracks to go into this mixtape but i realised that this track is one of my favorites….TURN IT UP! buy his albums here!

mp3: Mimosa – Julia’s Labyrinth

16 skream – where you should be
skream, aka, dj ollie, is from croydon, south london. at 15 he started making music, even met benga (who’s also from croydon) and nearly a decade later, he has his own label Disfigured Dubz. i was never an avid listener of skream before burning man. this track is off of skream’s most recent lp, outside the box, released 2010. my camp at burning man played this nearly every day and everyone was groovin’ so nicely to this tune. sick buildup, catchy chorus, and the bass mmmmm the sub basssss. i love it. after the festival, i got the outside the box and gave it many thorough listens and it’s now one of my fave albums of last year and one that i continually return to now. “where you should be” is one of my top tracks of last year…turn it up!!! buy his albums here!

mp3: Skream – Where You Should Be

braids – lammicken
i have been in love with braids ever since i saw them open for neon indian at le belmont in montreal roughy two years ago. i told my story in the above link but i’ll tell it again. my friend had seen them at this hip indie place in the mile end called “silver door” where apparently a lot of indie bands and artists go to hang out? who knows. i’ve never been. but anyways, she meets this crew who are originally from calgary (alberta pride!) but moved to montreal to pursue the music and they told her to come tonight. so she told me to come for the openers (i usually never go to openers). but, i tried my best to make it on time and wallah ended up catching their last song which BLEW ME AWAY. neon indian was alright too. immediately after getting home i looked them up right away and saw that they were playing at the sala rossa in a day or two. went to see them and was soooo pleased i did. they are incredible live, so humble, and the music is animal collective newsom quirky picturesque-like. so basically, awesome. they released their FIRST LP! hooooorah! called native speaker this year/early last and it is wonderful wonderful wonderful. i am so proud of these guys for having made the top lists already and for having such a ridiculously fast growing fan base! it took ’em a while but now they’re here! please please PLEASE go see one of their shows! buy their music here!

james blake – wilhelm’s scream
james blake is one of my favorite discoveries of last year. i had no clue about who he was until i heard “the wilhelm scream” which is a track i haven’t been able to go a day without thus far. hailing from london, england, james blake has been making music for the past few years and got a big break when gilles peterson from bbc radio 1 (oooh how i love bbc radio 1) loved his track released on hemlock audio in 2009 “air and lack thereof” and asked him to do a special mix for gilles peterson worldwide. since then, he’s released cmyk and this year’s already favorite self titled james blake. when zane lowe put his cover of james blake’s “limit to your love” as the hottest record in the world, things only skyrocketed for james blake. i love james blake. it’s post-dubstep downtempo soul with heartfelt lyrical realism with a vulnerability of antony johnson micked in his voice. yeah. turn this track up. make sure you got some bass. buy his works here!

mp3: James Blake – Wilhelms Scream

random rab – for my corpse
random rab is responsible for one of the greatest most touching moments in my life. it happened at burning man nexus sunrise…a slot that he has been legendary for. once he started playing i closed my eyes and was swept away to a different universe where the lights were playful in my mind and the warmth of all the people around me entered me with the most delightful of energies. i opened my eyes to see that everyone was doing the same thing and in this same blissful universe as i was…the cutest peculiar smiles and smirks on peoples faces and the peacefulness of their air was to me, one of the greatest things i have ever seen…it compares close to the level of peace i’ve felt when i was on ilha grande, the whitest cleanest sands and bluest of waters of an island 2 hours away from angra in bresil. random rab’s ability to cuddle you into this space with absolutely no effort is an attestment to just how fantastic of an artist he is. his albums arose and elucidation of sorrow are lps i’ve been listening closely to since burning man and have become some of my favorites of all. i can’t wait to see him at sunrise again. taken from lastfm:

Emerging from his own distinct corner of the West Coast electronic music scene, Random Rab offers a powerful and unique contribution to sonic exploration. Often referred to as “The Master of Emotion” his music is patently beautiful and melodic. With diverse influences ranging from trip-hop, classical and Arabic to bass driven compositions, his songs are considered anthemic and timeless. As a multi-instrumentalist and singer, his tracks are organic, uplifting and stand on their own as a distinct genre. Listeners of all types of music can find something they can relate to in his sound.

There is no doubt that Rab understands a multitude of musical styles. He has been the front man of a heavy metal band, toured as a classical trumpet player, played bass in a country music band, was a scratch DJ for a jazz fusion project, was the singer for a rock band in Mexico and has collaborated with countless musicians of all styles. From acoustic performances in the Himalayas to rocking packed clubs in New York, Random Rab has found a way to connect with people of all kinds.

buy his music here!

mp3: Random Rab – For My Corpse

heyoka – etheric dub
followers of atm will know that i absolutely adore heyoka. check out my other posts for all this love. having been a fan for so long, it was once again burning man’s awesomeness that allowed me to see one of the best shows of the week and of my life…that of heyoka at bass camp. he destroyed that set and there’s nothing that can be done about it. my ears are still damaged. turn this shit uuuuuuuuuup!!!

atm’s mixtape – new beginnings

21 bomb the bass – bug powder dust (k&d session)
to be honest i don’t listen to bomb the bass at all. if it weren’t for the k&d sessions by kruder and dorfmeister i would never have known who they were up ’til this point. the flow these guys have are amazing in this track. they’ve been making music since 1987! yes, and they’re still doin’ it now! taken from lastfm:

Bomb the Bass (formed 1987, in London, England) is the umbrella title for the output of British musician and producer, Tim Simenon. The band, which has evolved its style over the years, has been classed as electronic or dance.

As a name, Bomb the Bass came from Simenon’s approach to collaging and mixing sounds whilst DJing in the mid to late 1980s; he says “samples were either scratched in live or sampled and looped on top of the rhythm section. So the concept was one of bombing the bass line with different ideas, with a collage of sounds. Bombing was a graffiti term for writing, like people would ‘bomb’ trains or whatever.”

buy their music here!

i really hope y’all know about peter kruder and richard dorfmeister. the austrian duo continues to seduce music heads with a chilled downtempo dub soulful trip hop sound. these guys played at last year’s treasure island festival in san fran along with four tet, lcd soundsystem, little dragon and some others. ugh i wish i could have made it. anyways, this redo of bomb the bass’ track is one of my favorites off of the k&d sessions. this track was cruuuuucial to my four month long roadtrip around the states…so epic winding around mountains with this pumping. TURN IT UP! buy their music here!

mp3: bomb the bass – bug powder dust (k&d session)

22 erykah badu – my people
so much love for erykah badu. this is a classsssic track and a big ups to dilla fo sho. it seems as though i’m putting a track of hers each mixtape i do. i can’t help it. check out other posts here. buy her works here!

23 hilltop hoods – the calling

24 reflection eternal – memories live
dj hi tek and talib kweli. reflection eternal. i’ve been going back to old school hip-hop in the past little while and it’s been so rewarding. this is a classic. real fuckin’ hip-hop sounds like this. buy hi tek, kweli, and reflection eternal works here!

25 gang starr – above the clouds
keepin’ with the old school y’all. dj premier and guru. i loves me some gang starr. turn this tune up. so effin’ sick. buy their works here!

26 virtual boy – lost treasure
have no idea how i found out about virtual boy. all i know is that i really like this track off their 2009’s, how long does it take to get to space? ep. taken from lastfm:

Hotwiring naughty synth lines and dancefloor-crushing beats with elegant harmonic textures and twisted, pop-cultured hooks, Virtual Boy craft a grimy, cinematic sound all their own on the group’s debut EP “How Long Does It Take To Get To Space?,” dropping July 21, 2009 on 1320 Records. But even before Virtual Boy had an official release, taste-making DJs spanning packed clubs to BBC Radio were spinning their atmospheric bangers, which owe as much to Bach and Mozart as they do to Justice, evoking Air as much as Virtual Boy’s heroes-in-glitch Nosaj Thing and The Glitch Mob.

That stylishly oddball set of influences is what happens when two talented young classical musicians discover their shared passion for dusty vintage synthesizers, new electronic-music genres, classic formalwear, and girls that look like they are starring in a ‘60s Godard movie. Out of that distinctive crucible, Virtual Boy was born – the duo taking its distinctive moniker from a rare Nintendo game console gathering dust in a Southern California dorm room. Virtual Boy founders Henry Allen and Preston Walker met freshman year at Chapman University’s Conservatory of Music based in California’s famed Orange County.

27 mimosa – dead like me

28 mochipet – robo crunk juice
mochipet aka david wang born and raised in taiwan, is fuckin’ insane. yes, i said it. he is fucking. crazy. his music will destroy everything you know. at burning man, people were just looking at each other with their jaws opened like, “is this for reaaaaal…”? yeah. if you wanna get grimey dubstep glitchy to idm breakbeat goodness, this is for you. and if you don’t wanna get grimey…you don’t have a choice. TURN IT UP! buy his music here!

atm’s mixtape – new beginnings

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