Hey y’all. I know I have been pretty absent lately and it’s only going to get worse as I am off to Burning Man again and then some more travels! Wahoo. I’mma try to get a mixtape out before I do ’cause the music I have been listening to of late is just ridiculous. So good. Speakin’ of soooogooodmusic! House music. Yo. I’ve always said it’s like the soul r’n’b of electronic music as it is to hip-hop. I grew up on house and the house crowd is just the loveliest crowd around. No other shows do I see that many people blissed out and so filled with love. Drugs or no drugs jeje.

Last night I went out to Piano Rouge and saw the baddest cat play, Slim Williams. His show was called Sophistifunk. SO YOU KNOW IT’S GOOD. For real. And for the first time he played a classic house show instead of his usual r’n’b soul nufunk style and it was INCREDIBLE. I have never seen house music being performed like that with live instruments. Piano, keyboards, and a sax. My mind was blown and I was almost in tears just how incredible this man and his team was and my love for house grew and I think it did for all the people in the room that night too.

Unfortunately I don’t have any of Slim William’s material. But I’mma share some of my favorite house music of late. One I’m listening to right now fits that soulful house that just makes my heart open so muuuuch! Enjoy and watch out for the mixtape!

1. Dimitri Max, Hawt Music Podcast Week 176. DC Reppin’!
I can’t embed this podcast so here is the link to it! Turn it up!

2. Tensnake, Fact Mix 337:

3. Jus Ed, Underground Quality Showcase Fabric Exclusive:

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