After almost a year of traveling I have finally made my way back to the my Home, a.k.a. the Best City in the WOOOOOOORLD, a.k.a Montréal! Just am in slight recuperation from DC’s astounding Forward Festival that happened from May 15th to 19th that y’all should check out! If you’re a fan of Mutek, heady amazing electronic music, and an awesome creative community…you’ll be a fan of Forward! Hopefully I’ll have time to do a recap of it soon enough.

Anyways, the clouds are parting the and roads are a bit sleek from the rain but the festival season has begun and what a way to kick off the summer with the 14th edition of Mutek! In my opinion, Canada’s most prestigious electronic creative culture and music festival and North America’s truest example of electronic creative expression.

In this preview I’ll be highlighting what I’m SUPER excited for (Part 1)!
I’ll also be highlighting artists that I’m STILL REALLY excited about (Part 2)!

Skip to the next page to read all about who you’ll regret missing! Jajaja 😉

mutek montréal 2013
Mutek brings in mainstream-difficult artists to expand and re/define genres, art installations and projects, workshops and panels, and tons of  FREE events for growing non/local artists. Yup. This already sounds awesome.

First off, let me just say that ALL of the A/Visions series are WORTH going to. Last year I wasn’t able to procure any press passes for the series but the year before I was, and the performances still stick so clearly in my mind today. For me, the A/Visions series is truly what sets Mutek Montreal apart from the other electronic digital arts and music festivals that have most or some of what I listed above.

The Audio Visual series of Mutek is an innovative expression of art and sound working together, depending on each other, to create something truly unique and awesome. It can be music. It can be noise. It can be a bunch of printers and computers synced to a concisely written program for timed tasks. It is an experience that you won’t get with a DJ and projections. It is a showcase of real creativity and intention of molding both aspects. A/Visions is showcased in a beaaautiful theatre (Monument National). No standing. Sitting down in comfortable seats as if you’re about to experience a ballet or a symphony. The acoustics in this place are phenomenal! Check out my other videos of A/Visions series three years ago to give a slight idea!

Who I Am Excited For:

atm-nosaj thing

1. Nosaj Thing > June 1st: Nocturne 4 @ le S.A.T.; 00h00-01h35

Born as Jason Chung, this L.A. native was inspired at an early age by the hip hop radio stations his elementary school bus driver would play (dank driver, yo!). Already having a taste for bass, hip hop beats, and drum and bass through parties he frequented, he figured out how to use his dad’s PC to program some tunes and moved into the more experimental beat making scene. Eventually he hooked up with the Low End Theory cats (Flying Lotus/Brainfeeder crew) and debuted as Nosaj Thing in 2004. He’s released a bunch of remixes, one studio EP, Views/Octopus (2004), and two studio LPs Drift (2009) and Home (2013). His latter album is one of my favorite LPs of the year (Drift is a close second) and has been on constant repeat. The production is incredible and is the most accessible album to listen to. Beautiful ethereal landscapes are painted through his use of synths and vocals. Listen to the mix and tracks below to get an idea of his style!

Nosaj Thing – Mary Anne Hobbs XFM Mix (31/03/2012)

Nosaj Thing – Fog (Drift, 2009)

Nosaj Thing – Glue (Home, 2013)

atm-andy stott
2. Andy Stott > May 30th: Nocturne 2 @ le S.A.T. 23h45-00h50

Stott comes from Manchester, UK and made his first debut back in 2005 off the Modern Love label. He first caught my attention with his second most recent LP, Passed Me By (2011). He really put himself on the books for me with his most recent release Luxury Problems (2012) which was one of my favorite albums of last year. The latter is very similar to Passed Me By except it’s less difficult for those not exposed to this type of sound. Stott’s style is super minimal, dark, and intelligent techno. It’s the kind of album I put on to really travel deep into space and leave to go somewhere intergalactic and foreign. Deep bass-lines, timed distortions, and eerie soundbites paint a landscape we wouldn’t otherwise chase after ourselves, but once we’re there, our curiosity for what lies next overcomes. I’ve even done a few yoga classes to this latter album! I appreciate his style and artists of this nature presenting themselves at music festivals where the mainstream generally wins over with the same formula and accessibility. Stott is definitely more of a left-field artist and I see him more fitting to do something with A/Visions. It’ll be interesting to see how this set turns out!

Andy Stott – Numb (Luxury Problems, 2012)

Andy Stott – Hatch the Plan (Luxury Problems, 2012)

atm-john talabot

3. John Talabot > June 1st: Nocturne 4 @ Metropolis; 23h45 – 00h50

I love this man! This Barcelona native made his break through after releasing his debut track “My Old School” on the renowned Permanent Vacation label and “Sunshine” off of his own Hivern Disc label shortly after. I really caught onto him after his first debut LP release last year, fin. I love this album because of the deep bass lines and catchy two steppin’ beats of goooood house music. This album isn’t a good representation of the diversity that he brings though. Similar to his hometown, where art, culture, music are as diverse and connected as the stars are, so is his taste, reflected in the mixes he does. Funk, garage, pop, synth, disco and house of all kinds are mixed seamlessly. Kinda like a Jamie XX, El_Txef_A (another Spaniard), or Nicolas Jaar mix…it’s a box of chocolates for real and you’re gonna enjoy eating them all! 🙂

In terms of a house/dance set. Talabot’s set is what I’m most excited for. I can’t wait to get my house dancin’ on! Check out his mixes below…fantastiiiic!

John Talabot; Live at RBMA Radio x Boiler Room Miami (21/03/2013)

NTS Nic Tasker; Jamie XX b2b John Talabot (24/03/2013)

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I’ll be reviewing more artists! Bless.

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