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A Preview, Part 2: Mutek Montréal 2013

Wooohooo! The 14th installation of one of my favorite electronic creative culture festivals, MUTEK, is starting in two more days. With more than 140 artists, 76 projects, and a record of world premiers (15 world, 16 North American, 4 Canadian), this festival boasts an abundance of music, sights, panels, art, installations, and workshops to keep […]

Recap: MEG/Osheaga Festival

what an epic epic weekend. meg montréal had an incredible lineup, especially for the boat. osheaga had a disturbingly amazing lineup which made this horribly organised festival all the more worth while. so yeah, before i talk about the  music, i wanna talk about the osheaga festival. what mainly pissed me off was this whole […]

Best Of the Decade Part I: Electronic

***Finally I am posting these decade end lists. Gaaah I love and hate lists. They enlighten me towards new music yet at the same time they’re ridiculously subjective. From one point to the next an album can be the best and not depending on the season, the weather, my emotions, whether I’m under the influence, […]

In Music: The 2000’s

Yup, the decade is ending. This is so crazy. I remember 1999 when everyone was panicking about Y2K like it was yesterday! What happened to all the time?! I’m dreading yet looking forward to recapping the decade. Luckily for me and you, we have blogs that are way more ambitious than mine is. Ahem. Pitchfork […]

My Recap of Bonnaroo: Part II

This is the most overdue post ever. I’ve been meaning to get this whole thing published after one week the festival ended…over two weeks ago jaja. Sigh, so much I wanted to do in between but I kept on saying to myself, NO you need to give PART II. And so here it is. As […]

À Bientôt

Hi all, I am now in Montreal! HOORAAAH! But am looking for a place to move to since well, I can’t stay at my friends forever tee hee. I’ve been meaning to do so many updates but as usual my alter obsession for film and tv have taken up my blogging time. I LOVE the […]

Mixtape: Homie, This Shit Is Basic, Welcome to Graduation!

Sexual harassment. Panda! That was a South Park reference. Tee hee. This photo is part of a Zoo series for one of my favorite photography websites, The Big Picture. Anyways, I have finally finished the mixtape I have been meaning to get out with all the stuff I have been obsessed with for the past […]

Coachella Confirmee #2: Gui Boratto; Take My Breath Away (2009)

I don’t remember which show this was…possibly Simian Mobile Disco? Who BTW are working on an album coming out in 2009!!! THIS IS THE BEST YEAR EVER!!!! =) My favorite tent at Coachella, of the 5, that I can remember, is the Sahara Tent. Appropriately named, this tent is HOOOOOT like the desert sun not […]