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An Overview, Mutek Montrèal 2013

This. was. the. best. year. EVER. The 14th installment of MUTEK was pure inspiration. Everything from the curation, art installations and projections, venue visuals, education, sound, free events, the organisation, the crowd, the weather, and the vibezzz were awesome. All the other years I never got to experience as much as I did this year […]

A Preview, Part 2: Mutek Montréal 2013

Wooohooo! The 14th installation of one of my favorite electronic creative culture festivals, MUTEK, is starting in two more days. With more than 140 artists, 76 projects, and a record of world premiers (15 world, 16 North American, 4 Canadian), this festival boasts an abundance of music, sights, panels, art, installations, and workshops to keep […]

A Preview, Part 1: Mutek Montréal 2013

After almost a year of traveling I have finally made my way back to the my Home, a.k.a. the Best City in the WOOOOOOORLD, a.k.a Montréal! Just am in slight recuperation from DC’s astounding Forward Festival that happened from May 15th to 19th that y’all should check out! If you’re a fan of Mutek, heady […]

Mutek Montréal 2012

Oweeeeeeeeee! I’ve missed the past two springs & summers here in Montréal and I truly am so grateful to be back for such a special time of year! I am SO excited for this years MUTEK to begin officially begin! MUTEK is an incredible four day electronic music and digital art festival that showcases some […]

Mutek Day 4: Ben Frost

Hi all, I am going to do a super super condensed post because I am now in New York. Anyways, went to the Piknik yesterday to see Minilogue and DJ Koze who rocked the shit out of the island, even in the rain. Ah. That’s what I love about Montreal, rain, snow, or shine, we […]

Mutek Day 3: Nocturne – Shedding the Past, Dubbing the Future

Took a break on Thursday and came back for the Nocturne series, boasting the Canadian Premiere of many artists such as Actress, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Demdike Stare as well as the Bug’s Kevin Martin a.k.a. King Midas Sound, Ikonika and many others. Tonight was going to be a night of techno and dubstep. Two genres that […]

Mutek Day 1: Bernier + Messier, Matmos, and [The User]

I haven’t been to Mutek the previous years, but this year it is mainly focused on very lo-fi, minimal, experimental, and IDM type of music. Walking into the venue, I realised that it is not like most electronic music venues. Mutek is being held for the most part at Monument National, which is a huge […]

Montréal Mutek Festival 2010

Aaah yes! Mutek. The International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music. It’s established in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Canada. This year, Mutek Montréal will be held June 2-6, boasting 6 showcases and OVER 80 artists! Check out the website for details on tickets/box office, schedules, artists bios, and more!

Love, From San Francisco

OOOOK! It’s been a wild ride since my last post for y’all. Since then I’ve trekked through the jungle in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. I saw a puma! Amongst many other creatures as this area of Central America holds 2.5% of the WORLDS biodiversity. How cool. Went to the incredible Lucidity Festival (one […]

Beat Builders Unite! – Artbeat Montréal

Last night instead of going to Mutek, I made my way to an equally important art scene in Montréal, the beat makin’ scene that ARTBEAT does so well to represent. This was the first official Artbeat show I was able to make (hosted by SevDee & Mark The Magnanimous). My mind was blown by the […]