i am a wanderlust.
i am a culturelust.

i’m a traveler, a community builder, a yoga teacher, a body worker/holistic healer, and a Life lover. i believe in sharing, loving, participating, laughing, and openly communicating with each other to enrich our own lives and in turn others. i’m a feminist and activist. my politic is informed through my understanding of the institutions that have socialized and molded the general population for the lesser good. my spiritual practice helps me further my compassion, understanding, and acceptance of others. my practice in life is to Be and Do for the Higher Good.

culture fascinates me and i go out and seek it whether it’s out on the streets, in a venue, or on a screen. i appreciate the different ways its expressed and taught. so, i love spending nights in doing nothing but chillin’. reading on blogs, laughing at all the memes on facebook, listening to podcasts, or watching movies/shows. i also love heading out to see music, to feel spoken word, to go for a walk/bike in the streets, to hang out at a dope spot with my homies 🙂

being around nature and the oceans makes me the happiest. camping, hiking, growing/hunting your own food, starting fires from scratch and cooking over it….ooooh yeah!

music is my passion. i luuuuv music. guuuuuuuud music. i mostly listen to electronic (house, garage, techno, minimal, bass, etc etc), hip-hop and beats. i pretty much like all genres though and can get down with anything. seeing a good bass face is one of my favorite things. the gnarlier the better jejeje.

the llama is my favorite animal.
the uterus is my favorite organ but if i were to include the whole population, it’d be the liver 🙂
mint is my favorite hot tea.
hibiscus, ginger, mint, honey and lemon is my favorite cold tea!
fried chicken is my favorite soul food. oooooh yeah.