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Ok still workin’ on the updates…sorry folks. Been really behind on the updates. This, though, I couldn’t wait to share with you! I freakin’ love Misteur Valaire as my previous posts will tell you, and they recently made a video for ¨It’s All Good¨ off of Friterday Night which you can get FOR FREE on their website. Check ’em out. SERIOUSLY! They’re amazing and it saddens me they’re not as far out beyond the borders of Québec as I would like…but one day! One day! Enjoy and keep coming back to check for updates! For real! Mixtape is on the way too =)

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Directed by DJ Douggpound, writer and editor for “Time And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” on Adult Swim.

Ugh I love Juiceboxxx. I am very sad that the iheartcomix tour dates given in their email ended up being a mistake. JUICEBOXXX WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO MTL, DAMNIT?!

Buy the 12″.
Buy the MP3s on iTunes:

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Video 1: Mary J. Blige and Ja Rule – Rainy Dayz

How my Mary J. Blige and Ja Rule nostaliga started: I was going through Raekwon’s Cuban Linx and was wondering why Raekwon feels the need to have Z’s at the end of every song title. This thought came up right on “Rainy Dayz” and I thought to myself…HEY THAT MARY J BLIGE SONG TOTALLY KICKED ASS. And so went my youtube whoring of all MJB and Ja’s hits. Wow, I was in junior high when this shit came out! SOOOOOOOOOOO good. AND I still know ALL the lyrics. Wow. Whatever happened to them? Enjoy (I saved the best for last)!

Video 2: Ja Rule ft. Ashanti – Always On Time

I remember this video MADE Ashanti. She disappeared too. She was never that great anyways, IMO.

Video 3: Ja Rule ft. Ashanti and R. Kelly – Wonderful

Ugh SICK. I love Ashanti’s “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAaaah” part. Lovely. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU JA RULE?! Yeah 50 Cent ripped on you, but no one really gaaaaaaaave a shit or gives a shit about 50 Cent anymore. He was so over after his “21 questions”.

Video 4: Ja Rule ft. Jadakiss and Fat Joe – New York, New York

JADAKISS KILLLLS THIS! This song was so underrated. Compared to Ja’s other hits, this one gets sooo overshadowed but IMO I think it’s one of his best. Sick beat.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
MP3: Beni – Maximus

These kids got nothin’ on me. Hot damn. This song rocks. The vid is even better. KITSUNÉ RULES!!!

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Video 1: Director Ethan Segal and Albert Thrower; The Antlers – Two

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Aaaah this is such a sweet video by the Antlers. I’ve been meaning to do a review of Hospice for ages but haven’t gotten around to it. But look out for it in a soon to come JAM PACKED! All I will say, is that it is a great great album. Watch this video!

Video 2: Directed by the Wilderness; The Juan Maclean – Happy House (Check my mixtapes for this MP3…I AM IN LOVE WITH NANCY WHANG!)

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atm-keiko's roxy mae

This week’s worth of videos is dedicated to Grizzly Bear’s amazing single “Two Weeks” off their new release Veckatimest. I think this is one of the best songs of the year and when I need something to lift me up I blast this and sing as if I were an entire orchestra and choir. It’s powerful stuff. They just released their video for this and it is just fantastic. But, I did like another video other than the one they released which I feel, captures the soul and optimism of the song better than the official video. Also, this dedicated to Barcelona’s win against Manchester United today. Great game! The photo, which also captures “Two Weeks” wonderfully, is courtesy of Keiko (a wonderful designer and photographer and model and writer—phewf—and you can go to her page on my links on the left!)

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giant panda

Sexual harassment. Panda! That was a South Park reference. Tee hee. This photo is part of a Zoo series for one of my favorite photography websites, The Big Picture. Anyways, I have finally finished the mixtape I have been meaning to get out with all the stuff I have been obsessed with for the past three hectic months. Some of the artists I have already reviewed, some of them I will end up doing a more in depth review on AtM, and some I am not! This will also be posted on Ca Va Cool, another fantastic music blog I contribute to, but I figured I’d give you guys a  sneak peek. This mixtape is almost a week old now, but it’s all be zipped up so I couldn’t make the changes I would have by now. Oh well, it still rocks! Go after the jump to see my to-be-posted post for CVC!

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atm-zee avi

You know when you look at an artist and get some weird preconception of how they’d sound? And most of the time, it’s not that far off? Well a lil’ lady by the name of Zee Avi popped up in my inbox the other day and after watching her “Bitter Heart” video, which you can watch below, I was completely blown away and I immediately got the album. I have yet to listen to it as I’m catching up on some old new stuff but a review will come in a few weeks, hopefully. She goes by the name of Koko Kaina and she’s from Malaysia. She’s 23 but she is such an old soul. I fell in love with her smile and her voice. She sounds like Regina Spektor, Jenn Grant, a bit of Feist, and the Hawaiian that is Jack Johnson all rolled into one! How great! Her three minute rendition is filled with insouciant folk and heartfelt lyricism and vocal perfection. The last 20 seconds of this song makes my heart split into a million butterflies. Watch the video and see what I mean!

Her album drops May 19th, I’m defs going to shell out the dollars for this one. Buy the album and watch Koko talk about her influences and the process of making her first self titled debut here. She’ll also be playing at Bonnaroo coming up!

MP3: Zee Avi – Bitter Heart

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atm-the gossip

You may recognize the Gossip as the group that released Standing in the Way of Control nearly two years ago. It was an album filled with hard rock layered with Beth Ditto’s lioness voice that provided the fierceness to every track. Their hit single from that able “Standing in the Way of Control” is probably the song that got them on the radio. The Soulwax remix was by far one of the heaviest rotated remixes floating around and still is. On May 19th, they’ll be releasing Music For Men. Their first single “Heavy Cross” is FUCKING FIERCE. Better yet, Fred Falke has done a remix of it already.Awesome. Damn, I love Fred Falke. AFTER THE JUMP YO!

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Hi y’all. I know I know I’ve been so lazy and haven’t posted in a while. I am now a graduate! HORRAAAH!!! No more exams for the rest of my life, I hope. And, to celebrate, obviously lots of alcohol was involved but slothfulness, slothiness? too. Yup, I love to celebrate by downloading 50gbs worth of TV that I’ve missed out on while being in uni (WE ARE ALL THE PIRATE BAY)! It’s been awesome to just sit at home all day and do nothing but watch TV/movies. I’ve got How I Met Your Mother, all the seasons of South Park (even though I’ve watched them all already), Friday Night Lights, Dexter, Breaking Bad, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and a ton of others.

I’m going to have a massive post soon regaling all the music I’ve been obsessed with in the past month but haven’t had the time to write about. But for now, I leave you guys with three awesome videos while you wait with baited breath for my next post…right!? Tee hee =)

Video 1: Phillips Carousel Commercial; Director: Adam Berg
This is so sick and easily one of the best videos I’ve seen this year. If you want to see a wikkid quality version go here.

Video 2: Royksopp perform live for the first time in seven years…with ROBYN. “Girl and the Robot”.
OMFG Röyksopp are one of the few artists on my “to see” list left and if this is any indication of how their live shows will be…I am prepared to go to Norway just for this. Holy eff epic performance!!!! Check out my many Röyksopp posts!

Video 3: M83 – We Own the Sky; Directed by David Altobelli; Motion Design by Dan Norton; Additional VFX by Matt Divito

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What do you guys think?

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