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what an epic epic weekend. meg montréal had an incredible lineup, especially for the boat. osheaga had a disturbingly amazing lineup which made this horribly organised festival all the more worth while. so yeah, before i talk about the  music, i wanna talk about the osheaga festival.

what mainly pissed me off was this whole “green stage” thing…why not have a GREEN FESTIVAL?!?! oooooh, one stage! ONE! raw/vegan/vegetarian green food stand! great way to really show how committed one is to the enviro movement. what is even WORSE is the amount of trash left lying around because we had to walk minutes just to get to a garbage can. the state of the grass and grounds around the toilettes was horrendous as the one picnic table became a dumpster! and that fountain that was nearby that was spritzing water…for what purpose!?!?! to cool people off, sure, but running it at that level for the entire two days is the biggest waste of water ever. why not have a water fountain that people can USE to REFILL our water bottles?!?! instead of charging 5$ for people to buy new ones. we have such good LOCAL food and produce, good LOCAL vendors here yet none of it was represented in the midst of the digustingly expensive hot dogs at la fleur, beers at budweiser, and even fresh fruit, chips, and water at the smaller vendors.

the only good thing about osheaga outside of it’s incredible lineup this year is the fact that you were allowed to bring in your own food and water. so my friend and i made delicious salmon arugula and baby tomato salad along with egg sandwiches and saved ourselves from unhappy stomachs and wallets. yes the music is important but, ultimately it is the experience as well, and at 75 bucks or 150 for both days, it isn’t less affordable when you  have to spend more than 30 bucks each day on little food or drink to sustain yourself. 5 dollars for a hot dog?!?! voyons donc c’mon! though osheaga isn’t as large or as aged as coachella or bonnaroo, the food there is filling and well proportioned, there are good options for all types of diets, and NOTHING was at least 10 dollars like it is at osheaga. the corps and sponsors rent out the space only to make more money by ripping us off. fuck dis shit! as snoop dogg would say.

i look forward to the day when osheaga will continue to have good music, be true to their environmental initiatives, and support local independent quebec food and produce!

but, enough of the ranting! overall, the weekend was faaaantastic for great music and dancing. so, recap of meg boat and osheaga weekend after the jump!

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hi all,

mixtape will be out by the end of this week and it is amazing. for reeeeeeeeeeeeeal! in the mean time, listen to some man man. i have just revisited a few of my fave albums from them and ugh, so good.

mp3: Man Man – Gold Teeth

mp3: Man Man – Top Drawer

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OK so end of school is here and the best part is…COACHELLA IN 12 DAYS! OK. So, like promised ages ago, mixtape is on the way…for real this time. Expect it within a week. It is pretty awesome. So this post is a quick recap of all the shows I went to in March. It was such a ridiculous time for concerts and I discovered some pretty great new bands. Jump ahead for recaps for Neon Indian, Braids, Silly Kissers, Air, Beach House, Bachelorette, Joanna Newsom, Flying Lotus and more!

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This seriously took forever. But I have to get these out before I can do anything else on this site! Gah! I tried to go away from artists that are so mainstream on sites like P4K or Stereogum for this list but I realised I couldn’t get away from it…and I guess that’s because stuff like Arcade Fire, Animal Collective…etc etc really deserve to  be at the top.

***Finally I am posting these decade end lists. Gaaah I love and hate lists. They enlighten me towards new music yet at the same time they’re ridiculously subjective. From one point to the next an album can be the best and not depending on the season, the weather, my emotions, whether I’m under the influence, yada yada yada. Because of all this, the numbers on my list aren’t a ranking system of worst to best—because I think they’re all equally fantastic—they’re simply a form of organization. But, a few times on the lists I will put a clear marker on the artist/album that I feel truly outranks the rest. It’s only here where I exercise a bit of hypocrisy.

I know I’ve left hundreds and hundreds of artists out. Making a “Top 10” list per sub-genre for the decade is trifling, I know. It really should be “Top 100” per sub genre. Every day I keep remembering ones I should add but I have too much music and too little time. I did my best with what I had and what I remember and the time I had! You’ll notice that a lot of the artists are from the last 5 years and that’s because my mecca of music is back home. Home home. Like where I was born jaja. So…sorry for the lack of early 2000 albums. =)

I also dislike one shot lists! You simply can’t compare down-tempo artists to dubstep artists, etc. So, I tried to organize artists into the genres I felt fit them best as opposed to putting them all in the same pool. But obviously some artists mix into the other genres or were put there even though they have a very specific genre of their own (avant-garde, balearic, etc etc). Gaaah and genre is so subjective as well. Bear with me and keep all this in mind! A lot of these artists are featured in my NYE and NYD mixtapes or have been blogged about! So check the mixtapes out or do a quick search on ATM if you feel like more sampling.

Other than that, happy reading and check out Part I and stay tuned for Part III!


10. Sarah Slean – Day One (2004)

09. Band of Horses – Everything All the Time (2006)
08. Loney, Dear – Dear John (2008)
07. Emiliana Torrini – Fisherman’s Woman (2005)

06. Antony and the Johnsons – I Am A Bird Now (2005)
05. Andrew Bird – Armchair Apocrypha (2007)
04. M. Ward – Post-War (2006)
03. Beirut – Gulag Orkestar (2006) ♥

02. Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes (2008)
01. Rufus Wainwright – Want One (2000)

Mentionables that couldn’t fit:

Bowerbirds – Hymns for a Dark Horse (2007)

Mentionables of 2009:

Jenn Grant – Echoes
Patrick Watson – Wooden Arms
Zee Avi – Zee Avi

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Winter is upon Montréal. It’s not that cold…yet. Negative 16 with bouts of snow but nothing like the -40 my home town of Edmontontians are suffering from. I find myself naturally going for specific albums during the winter time. Among these wintery albums is good ol’ Rufus Wainwright. This native Montréaler started when he was 6 and hasn’t quit.

He’s a vibrant live performer (if you haven’t seen him live in concert yet, do it, his voice is exponentially more amazing live than on record) who is always making jokes, cracking at heterosexuality, and has a plethora of costumes which I will happily forever keep in my mind.

His music on the other hand, is a compliment yet a contradiction to his onstage demeanor. His albums are filled with deep love songs, about heartbreak, about sex, lust, loss, and all the in betweens. Not only are his lyrics unbearably heartwarming, lovely, and wonderful in all the ways lyrics should be, but the way he sings, his voice, I swear I could hear only this without all the instrumental accompaniments and be equally if not more happy to have more of something so immaculately good.

The beauty of winter, the snow, the people, the collective cuddles and silenced complaints amidst a white winterland can only call for the joie de vivre and melancholy that is Rufus Wainwright. So, I share three songs from one of my favorite albums of his, Want One released in 2003.

P.S. I know I said the updates will be coming more often, but truth is I am in the process of making ridiculously awesome New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day mixtapes for you guys, as well as my top lists…so there will be music GALORE here soon. I just don’t wanna share all the good stuff just yet 😉

MP3: Rufus Wainwright – Vibrate

MP3: Rufus Wainwright – 14th Street

MP3: Rufus Wainwright – Want

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Aaah the Cranberries. These Irish rockers have had a piece of my heart since forever. Every few months I relapse into a Cranberries phase, listening to nothing but Cranberries for weeks on end. Screaming to the top of my lungs to “Promises”, “When You’re Gone” and the many other songs that Dolores O’Riordan flawlessly sings with her ridiculously lovable voice. It’s been seven years since they’ve done anything together. I love them. Love love love. I had to see them. One last time…

It sold out it minutes and alas I did not have a ticket. Craigslist and Kijiji tickets were going for three times the price! And people were buyin ’em! Outside the venue, the normal scalpers (who I now know by name) sold all of theirs for $200 a piece! Shit! After being robbed of tickets because people who JUST ARRIVED decided to cut in line and gobble up the freed up tickets from the people who waited HOURS. People were crying, spirits were crushed, and emotions ran red because the management at L’Olympia ARE HORRIBLE. Saying it was sold out when it wasn’t. Releasing one ticket. Sold out. Then another. Sold out. Then two. Sold out. They sold them to people who WEREN’T EVEN IN LINE AND JUST GOT THERE. Finalement it was sold out. Calmez calmez…The show started and 15 minutes in, I tried my luck once more with a bouncer I recognize at most shows as being quite generous and hooooorah! He let us all in for free just in time for the start of “Dreaming Your Dreams”.

Videos, MP3s, and recap after the jump!

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atm-radiohead reading

Radiohead opened with “Creep” this weekend in Reading. A song they haven’t played in at least 5 years live. I was supposed to be in Reading last week of August and first week of September for the festival as well was Michael Jackson. But the latter fell apart. And I think, to hear this live would have been worth it alone. I teared up just watching the video, the thousands upon thousands who sang every lyric, every note, with complete emotion and shock. To see the hands wave up as Thom wails,


killed me. It was one of those “if I could beeeeeee, who you wanteeeeddddddd” moments of “Fake Plastic Trees” or any of the monumental moments Radiohead songs tend to have. So amazing.

Watch the video HERE.

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atm-the cranberries


“The day that many of us thought we would never see is finally here and couldn’t be happier to announce the news. Dolores O’Riordan and the original members of The Cranberries have announced that they will reform for the first time in nearly seven years for a live tour. “I’ve decided to reunite with my former band members in The Cranberries and we will be writing new songs and performing tracks off my new album as well as our greatest hits during the shows. I’d love to see you out there.” O’Riordan stated.

In January, O’Riordan played a set at Dublin’s Trinity College with band members and brothers Noel and Mike Hogan to commemorate her being made an Honorary Patron of Trinity’s Philosophical Society. The performance was the first time the band members had seen each other since 2003. Never officially broken up, the band instead has been on hiatus, and being in the same room and playing music together for the first time made them realize how much they had missed each other. Touring will begin at the end of the year in North America and make its way to Europe in early 2010 with dates announced shortly…

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yay-Max Dalton

Oasis is one of my top five bands of all time. People always talk shit about Oasis, saying that they’re a bunch of drunk and coked up fucks that didn’t make music and aren’t half as good as the Beatles. Well, back then, they were drunk, and they did do a lot of drugs, but they made music, good music, that made them one of the biggest UK bands in the world. Some might say, even bigger than the Beatles.

Regardless of whatever beefs people have with Oasis, people seem to forget that they’re more than just their “Champagne Supernova”, “Wonderwall”, brotherly bickering, and inebriated belligerence. Where is the talk about their music? Everything up to Heathen Chemistry is gold. Pure gold. Their lyrics are real and heart felt. Musically, their composition is incredible, delivering catchy, sing-along-able alt rock songs. Everything past Heathen Chemistry, however, kinda blows in comparison, sadly. Maybe that’s why they’re being put on the back burner now? I dunno.

I am always so surprised to hear that Oasis isn’t a treasured favorite in a lot of people’s “Favorite’s” list. That happened to me today so I decided to share two of many Oasis favorites. I love Oasis. After the jump!

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yay-Hot-Air Balloons

My favorite Pavement song:

“Pavement – Here”

I was dressed for success
But success it never comes
And I’m the only one who laughs
At your jokes when they are so bad
And your jokes are always bad
But they’re not as bad as this

Come join us in a prayer
We’ll be waiting waiting where
Everything’s ending here

And all the sterile striking it defends
An empty dock you cast away
And rain upon your forehead
Where the mists for hire if its just too clear
Let’s spend our last quarterstance randomly
Go down to the outlet once again

Painted portraits of minions & slaves
Crotch mavens and one night plays
Are they the only ones who laugh?
At the jokes when they are so bad
And the jokes they’re always bad
But they’re not as bad as this

Come join us in a prayer
We’ll be waiting waiting where
Everything’s ending here

And all the spanish candles unsold
Away have gone to this
And a run-on piece of mount on
Trembles, shivers, runs down the freeway
I guess she spent her last quarter randomly
I guess a guess is the best I’ll do
Last time last time
Was the best time

MP3: Pavement – Here

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