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I am going to combine my Coachella recap with my mixtape because I will save a ton of time. Plus, I only wanna talk about my top shows anyways and those artists are mostly featured in this mixtape. I named this mixtape a while back and decided to keep it. I had a little help from Kanye jajaja. Anyways, this really WAS the warmest winter I have ever had. The mixtape I was wanting to put out a month ago is significantly different now that I’ve come back from Coachella having heard so many awesome tracks as well as having had the time to do some quick updating on my music library. Check out the quick recap in the previous post here!

The Warmest Winter is gonna make you daaaaaance! And it has some pretty lovely slow moments as well. It is filled with everything from jazz, blues, funk, rock to italo-disco, pop, progressive, dubstep, d’n’b and every other genre of electronica you can think of. Like all my other mixtapes, I put a lot of soul into it, and it truly is AWESOME. Oh yes. I had a super tough time cutting it so that it would be a certain size after compression and like always I am leaving so much out that I wanted to share…and now with albums from Ratatat, LCD Soundsystem, etc etc, a lot is definitely left out of this one since this tape was made almost a month ago. But the next tape will cover it. Alors, a caveat: Some of the songs I had to compress because the total size was too large and it was going over my 200MB limit for mediafire…so I apologize in advance for ruining the high quality of some of the songs…I hate to do that but mediafire is the host of choice for myself and many of you. Nonetheless, it is still amazing!

After the jump for the playlist!

Download: ATM’s Mixtape – The Warmest Winter

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atm-yay (link on left)-willi dorner

This is what it’s been like lately in MTL. Most people hide from the rain. But I welcome it. I loooove the rain! I say, bring it on! Rain makes everything better. Rain at the end of “Paranoid Android” in Vancouver. Rain at the end of “Man in the Mirror” for Wonder’s set. And today, rain during Alice Russell and David Rotundo Band and Enrico Crivellaro was wonderful. Today was a good day! Great music all day long! Recap after the jump!

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Prince is one of my top artists of all time. Magnificent entertainer, unrelentingly tireless performer, and probably one of the best guitarists and artists of our time. I remember how I welled up inside, when Coachella last year announced that Prince would be on the bill. I remember my excitement, waiting in the shadows of Portishead’s immaculate performance, knowing that Prince would be on next.

Though he was late, making everyone wait nearly an hour, with jeers here and there about how he was probably just eating cereal in the back–these were not true fans–restless I was not. I made my way from the back of the grounds to within 25 feet of the stage, nurturing my sides with my elbows and contorting my body through the already condensed and populous crowd of 50, 000. I finally made it into a good space, enough room to dance, enough room to breath, and was with a good crowd of people with whom I felt a connected excited electricity with.

Then he came on and my dream of seeing Prince live was realised. Never would I have imagined I’d be able to see Prince so close, for so cheap, for so long. He played his heart out, covering songs from the Beatles and Radiohead. He played above and beyond the time constraints Coachella organizers allowed for, claiming he’ll pay the fine. FROM THIS POINT FORWARD, THIS IS PRINCE’S HOUSE. No one could disagree. I was crying. Crying and singing and dancing and repeating it for over two hours. Everyone else around me was singing along with tears streaking down. It was such a memorable overwhelming moment to experience a Living Legend, Prince.

People hate on Prince all the time. But these people just don’t understand why people like me adore him so much, why he’ll go down in the Hall of Fame as one of the Best.

Prince is to release his 3CD album, MPLSoUND, LOtUSFLOW3R, and Exile via Target on March 29th for TWELVE DOLLARS. Oh. My. God. I cannot wait to get my hands on a solid copy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

In the meanwhile, watch his “Ol’ Skool Company” performance off MPLSoUND on Jay Leno. Not gonna lie, I got a bit aroused. This man is amazing. Respect.

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Not seeing the renowned, transcendent Van Morrison a few years back at the Montreal Jazz Festival is one of my biggest regrets. Van Morrison. A name that joins the ranks of unforgettable music legends amongst the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell. Van Morrison. Who has touched the souls of millions with his harmonica, guitar, and saxophone infused discography. Van Morrison.  An atmosphere of erected goosebumps, swaying bodies, and closed eyes. Van Morrison. The most omnipresent feeling of pure love.

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I felt it necessary to have their name in capitals in the title. Hopefully the capitals gave you an impression of their importance, of how much they stand out, of how much they ROCK. In the literal sense, and in the cool sense too.

I was studying today for a ridiculous amount of hours and you know when you’re just sick of everything on your music player even though you JUST put new stuff on it? I couldn’t really decide what to listen to and then my eye caught The Black Keys. I haven’t listened to them in a while and I was happily reminded of their fantastic ”08 release Attack and Release which had a nice cozy spot in my faves of that year as well as many other top 10 lists. So I pressed play. My day got significantly better ever since.

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