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what an epic epic weekend. meg montréal had an incredible lineup, especially for the boat. osheaga had a disturbingly amazing lineup which made this horribly organised festival all the more worth while. so yeah, before i talk about the  music, i wanna talk about the osheaga festival.

what mainly pissed me off was this whole “green stage” thing…why not have a GREEN FESTIVAL?!?! oooooh, one stage! ONE! raw/vegan/vegetarian green food stand! great way to really show how committed one is to the enviro movement. what is even WORSE is the amount of trash left lying around because we had to walk minutes just to get to a garbage can. the state of the grass and grounds around the toilettes was horrendous as the one picnic table became a dumpster! and that fountain that was nearby that was spritzing water…for what purpose!?!?! to cool people off, sure, but running it at that level for the entire two days is the biggest waste of water ever. why not have a water fountain that people can USE to REFILL our water bottles?!?! instead of charging 5$ for people to buy new ones. we have such good LOCAL food and produce, good LOCAL vendors here yet none of it was represented in the midst of the digustingly expensive hot dogs at la fleur, beers at budweiser, and even fresh fruit, chips, and water at the smaller vendors.

the only good thing about osheaga outside of it’s incredible lineup this year is the fact that you were allowed to bring in your own food and water. so my friend and i made delicious salmon arugula and baby tomato salad along with egg sandwiches and saved ourselves from unhappy stomachs and wallets. yes the music is important but, ultimately it is the experience as well, and at 75 bucks or 150 for both days, it isn’t less affordable when you  have to spend more than 30 bucks each day on little food or drink to sustain yourself. 5 dollars for a hot dog?!?! voyons donc c’mon! though osheaga isn’t as large or as aged as coachella or bonnaroo, the food there is filling and well proportioned, there are good options for all types of diets, and NOTHING was at least 10 dollars like it is at osheaga. the corps and sponsors rent out the space only to make more money by ripping us off. fuck dis shit! as snoop dogg would say.

i look forward to the day when osheaga will continue to have good music, be true to their environmental initiatives, and support local independent quebec food and produce!

but, enough of the ranting! overall, the weekend was faaaantastic for great music and dancing. so, recap of meg boat and osheaga weekend after the jump!

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

YESS!!! It starts it starts it starts tonight! ATM will have full coverage of MEG and Osheaga! Stay tuned and rest up your feet for the soirée!

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I am going to combine my Coachella recap with my mixtape because I will save a ton of time. Plus, I only wanna talk about my top shows anyways and those artists are mostly featured in this mixtape. I named this mixtape a while back and decided to keep it. I had a little help from Kanye jajaja. Anyways, this really WAS the warmest winter I have ever had. The mixtape I was wanting to put out a month ago is significantly different now that I’ve come back from Coachella having heard so many awesome tracks as well as having had the time to do some quick updating on my music library. Check out the quick recap in the previous post here!

The Warmest Winter is gonna make you daaaaaance! And it has some pretty lovely slow moments as well. It is filled with everything from jazz, blues, funk, rock to italo-disco, pop, progressive, dubstep, d’n’b and every other genre of electronica you can think of. Like all my other mixtapes, I put a lot of soul into it, and it truly is AWESOME. Oh yes. I had a super tough time cutting it so that it would be a certain size after compression and like always I am leaving so much out that I wanted to share…and now with albums from Ratatat, LCD Soundsystem, etc etc, a lot is definitely left out of this one since this tape was made almost a month ago. But the next tape will cover it. Alors, a caveat: Some of the songs I had to compress because the total size was too large and it was going over my 200MB limit for mediafire…so I apologize in advance for ruining the high quality of some of the songs…I hate to do that but mediafire is the host of choice for myself and many of you. Nonetheless, it is still amazing!

After the jump for the playlist!

Download: ATM’s Mixtape – The Warmest Winter

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Alright, this week are mainly songs that will make you dance, dance, dance! And maybe after, you will watch Pulp Fiction. Mmmm Cheeseburger Royale. Enjoy dudes, and watch out! More updates coming, including a mixtape which is pretty much awesome NOT GONNA LIE!

-I am seeing PEACHES ANNNNND AMANDA BLANK TOMORROW AT THE MÉTROPOLIS!!! It is going to be so sick. I’ve waited so long to see her. The day she came to Edmonton, she played at my FAVORITE venue ever, the Starlite Room, but it was also the day before moving out east. So blah. But, her new album, I Feel Cream, is solid solid peaches. Dirty. Raunchy. Gender bending. Back bending. ASS UP! It is only so fitting that Amanda Blank opens up for her. She is also promoting her new album which I happened to review!  Stick around for the review of this show! AND VIDEOS! I can’t wait!

-My favorite dance duo from Montréal released this single a while ago and it keeps up to the Chromeo standard. Fancy footwork. Cute dog drooly lyrics. Infectious pop synths. The Skream remix of this is SICK. I am currently looking for a good 320 quality of this. HOLLLA!

-There is barely any info on the dude, but his full name is Ishmael Ledesma. He’s had a great great musical history, touring with the likes of Kool and the Gang, Natalie Cole, Rick James, and more. He was a part of many disco bands in the seventies and eighties. When I first heard this song, I was addicted. It had the Anita Bell-esque disco feel to it. It took me a while to realise that it’s actually a man singing this song. Awesome. Put on your platforms!

-All I know is that they’re dutch. I guess that says enough. A.K.A. they know How To Party. They have so much knowledge that they christened their recent album with the title, The Art of Partying. The album is Italo-disco meets house. It’s alright…it’s an album that you’d definitely need more help with the first time, like maybe a few beers…shots of Jack’s…some wine perhaps? It doesn’t have the air of say, Modeselektor or Junior Boys, where you can chill out to it at home or dance to it at a house party too! It definitely has tracks that stand out but not many. Enjoy this one, my fave off the album =)

-Six piece band of Indonesian awesomeness. Seven years of playing together produced two eclectic albums, Centralismo and Ports of Lima. You can tell they are influenced very very much by the West yet there is still the Pacific feel behind their tones. Centralismo is apparently one of the TOP FIVE Asian albums worth buying (according to The Times Asia). Plus, the Rolling Stones Indonesia praised PoL as the best album in 2008. And they really really do deserve it. Their music is genius and almost impossible to put into a genre. I felt such a release listening to Sore. Finally something away from all the Stereogum and Pitchfork hyped bands. This is super fresh. Get a glass of wine.

-AAAAH yes. Another electro-pop duo from Montréal. Haven’t really heard much of their stuff…and I think Omnikrom’s alright, but their collaboration on this is pretty solid.

Vapours is easily one of my top albums of the year. UGH, Nick Thorburn and crew have done it again. the Islands, based out of Montréal (WHAT WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!) create the catchiest indie rock with lyrics to match. I recently saw them at Théâtre Plaza and their magic on stage is no short of one feels while listening to the album. Dressed all in white, armored with silver vests and gold collars, they rocked out in style. I got there a bit late, unfortunately, and I guess they must have played my favorite song of theirs (ahem, below!) in the first fifteen minutes because I didn’t get to hear it. My heart ached a bit because of this…but I think it’s OK. This song, is defs on my top list for the year end and was my soundtrack song for New York while I was there.

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atm-calvin harris ready for the weekend

Remember how awesome I Created Disco is? With songs like “Girls”, “Loves Souvenir”, “Vegas”, “This is the Industry”…(I would list the ICD entire track list), Harris gave 2007/8 a reason to Party Hard. Heck, even the Gobi tent was pretty decently filled during the Prince set at Coachella (from what I heard)! Calvin Harris did create disco with his first LP. And I really do think “Electro Man” is one of the top dance tracks in the past few years. More, after the jump!

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Video 1: Director Ethan Segal and Albert Thrower; The Antlers – Two

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Aaaah this is such a sweet video by the Antlers. I’ve been meaning to do a review of Hospice for ages but haven’t gotten around to it. But look out for it in a soon to come JAM PACKED! All I will say, is that it is a great great album. Watch this video!

Video 2: Directed by the Wilderness; The Juan Maclean – Happy House (Check my mixtapes for this MP3…I AM IN LOVE WITH NANCY WHANG!)

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yay-vincent peters-sourgasm

Having no more than just over a month, after today, I realised that I haven’t recovered from Bonnaroo, MJF, and Flying Lotus (yes it counts as it’s own event it was sooo epic). My feet hurt. My ankles hurt. My toes hurt. My whole body is numbed from cycling place to place, dancing from floor to floor, and naturally and in style, giving it my all. Today proved to be an awesome start to MEG Montreal, with a free BBQ (I ate three hot dogs…ugh—first hot dogs I have had in a loooong while that weren’t tofu), a great venue (le divan orange), and fantastic entertainment.

I went to three venues today, all of which took me at least an hour total to cycle about, to see three different shows. The reviews amd goodies for Random Recipe, Cougarettes, Noia, Misteur Valaire (hearts hearts), Omnikrom, and Dirty Sound Ssytem after the jump!

Edit: I HAD ALL OF THIS WRITTEN AT 2PM YESTERDAY BUT STUPID ME, AND I DIDN’T SAVE…AND WORDPRESS’ AUTOSAVE FAILED ME WHERE IT SAVED ME MANY TIMES BEFORE AND I ACCIDENTALLY CLOSED MY WINDOW. I FEEL(T) SUPER DEPRESSED…AND RE-WRITING THIS AGAIN, WELL IT SUCKS. So yeah, just a warning that this will not be as thorough as it was before…sigh…but enough about how I had spent a good few hours writing something that no longer exists…AFTER THE JUMP for review number two!

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yay-gianluca fallone

PEOPLE! I am getting lazier and lazier with getting to Jazz Fest shows lately. Ugh just like all festivals, I am really happy this one is ending soon. I am so tired. Namely, my FEET are so tired. Dancing for 6-10 hours on end is a lot on your body. Anyways, tonight I only had one band I really really wanted to catch and that is Artist of the Year. They normally spell their name with Caps and non-caps but I…am just lazy. So I won’t.

I wanna do a little mini rant first though. I feel this is necessary for all of you (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) who try to innocently SKIP into the lineup as if NO ONE would notice or become irritated. The lineup went around the block, and there was a huge gap in between where the road was so that cars could pass freely. I, walking up to this lineup, saw this gap, and walked ACROSS this gap, to lineup behind where the REAL lineup started. This is where people watching gets fun but a little irritating. SO MANY PEOPLE, come by, see the lineup, see the people behind the gap aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way back to the end of the lineup, but innocently TRY TO JUMP the line by squeezing in nonchalantly in front of hundreds of people. Good thing there was a Métropolis dude there to say, hey guys go in the back of the lineup, that was pretty sweet. BUT STILL, people stood around, wondering how they could weasel their way in. But then realise they should just go to the back of the lineup which is something the KNEW in the beginning to do but decided to make asses of themselves first. IF YOU WERE IN A LINEUP, WOULD YOU WANT SOMEONE TO BUD IN FRONT OF YOU? NO. So why do it to other people? I just don’t get it. This goes for people next to me too. As we slowly inch our way forward, people were trying to manoeuver their motions so that they would be in front of me. Like how does going in front of a few people even make a difference? The thing is, you do a really sketchy, rude, and annoying thing by trying to up yourself a few people in the lineup, making yourself look ill charactered with no social etiquette whatsoever, and all for what? People are so ridiculous when it comes to lineups. Be fair. It’s first come first served. YOU wouldn’t want someone doing that to you, so why would you do it to others. I know this sounds so preachy but it’s true. So many people do this all the time in lineups and what they don’t realise is, we’re lucky enough to be living in a world civil and organized enough to even HAVE lineups. I’ve been to many places where lineups don’t even exist, like in Sao Paulo. Trying to get tickets to see a football game was pretty much like being in a Metallica or RATM mosh pit. I was injured, bruised, and cut up, before some nice dudes made a path for us to get through because we were being overpowered by all these males. The lineups are there. They suck because you have to wait. No one likes them unless you’re at the front. So get there early if that’s the case! But lineups are there. Please respect them! =)

Phewf, ok, hope I didn’t sound like a bitch because that is not the intention, but I know I’m not the only one that hates this. Anyways, AOTY recap after the jump!

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Who is that on stage…hmmm…oh yeah. PRINCE!!!!! (Best c’hella ever)

Coachella is pretty much my favorite time of the year…the ENTIRE year. After all my hard studying (at perfecting procrastination), working 20-25 hours a week, and not to mention extra stuff like chillin’ avec friends, alcoholism, seeing live shows, watching theatre, loving couchsurfing, and a whackload of other shit, the end of April not only signifies the end of term for me–and this year…GRADUATION!!! YAYYYYYY!–but also the 3 day mayhem of blessed heavenly live music delight of epic proportions——->>>Coachella!!!

I think Coachella is the best North American music festival there is. Sure there’s Bonnaroo, Lolla, SXSW, Pemberton (which debuted last year), Sasquatch, Bumbershoot, etc etc etc…Coachella is the most well-rounded music festival. It has a good array of indie and electronic, mixed with some folk, punk, garage, rock, and so on. The only thing I feel that it lacks is a comedy tent of some sort like Bumbershoot…but with the amount of scheduling conflict’s Coachella already has, a comedy tent addition would just be toooo agonizing. Don’t get me wrong, I la la la looove the other fests too…but Coachella is just my favorite. Epic. EPIC. Thoughts?

So I’m going to do several “features” of confirmed Coachella artists ’cause I think it’ll be fun to share. In these features, about half of them will be artists I know, love, willing to have their babies and therefore am SUPER STOKED to see, and the other half will be sharing my thoughts on bands I newly discovered and researched solely ’cause of the C’hella fest!

So the first artist is…

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