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It’s been a long time since my last post. My journey has been incredible thus far. Constant learning, traveling with the Tribe. I’ve grown a lot since then and so has my music collection. I have decent enough internet here currently in Puerto Viejo to make some posts. I’m gonnu try to post songs every day ’cause there’s soooo much to share.

The Human Experience is this incredible man named David Block, who also has a sick house side project named The Cats Pyjamas. He’s one of the artists alongside Desert Dwellers, Emancipator, etc etc that is getting good reppin’ at transformational festivals. His music is a journey in itself! You can get most of his music for free!

The Human Experience – Lion Heart

Andy Stott‘s new LP Luxury Problems blew my mind. Incredible deep sexy bassy tech. I was doing yoga to the whole album the other day and it definitely brings you to another level.

Andy Stott – Numb

James Blake, do I really need to introduce the guy? He recently put out a track called “Digital Lion” with Brian Eno in anticipation of his new album Overgrown set to be released in a month’s time!

James Blake – Retrograde

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currently, i am in the warmth that is mexico! have been travelling around here for roughly a three weeks now and i have a lot more to explore! before that, as y’all might know, i was at burning man and made a west coast to east coast roadtrip out of it…camping in as many national parks as possible, being with nature, doing amazing hikes, and reconnecting. since my first burn, my music expansion became exponential. the new music i was listening to was an integral part of my travels in america too…a lot of music in this mixtape i was listening to when the sun was setting or rising, when i was cruising on a long and winding road down a mountain, when i was just being.

the music in this mixtape means a lot to me and i hope y’all can feel it. there’s a mix of all of the new influences i was introduced to, as well as some old school love. there’s everything from grime dubstep drum and bass to indie rock pop. thanks for waiting for so long for it to come out!!! like with all the mixtapes before…it’s really important to listen to it in order. from what i gather, most of you guys have itunes, which is shit for my mixtapes ’cause it still doesn’t play it in order even if i renumber the tags myself. please click on the playlist file, so it plays the files in order. using vlc, mediamonkey, songbird, or winamp is the best 🙂

playlist after the jump! get ready to get GRIMEY!

download: atm’s mixtape – new beginnings

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