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so, lots of things have happened since my last serious post. the montréal jazz fest. tons of shows in between. lots more coming up! i’ve got die antwoord (YESSSSSSSSSS!) tomors, meg montréal and osheaga are coming up, and i am once again heading off to new york for a week and along the way i will  be checking out flaming lips in central park! annnnnd the hard tour in nyc which features m.i.a. and a bunch of crazy fun other artists! i will mos defs be covering meg montréal but i dunno about the rest.

oh fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally! this mixtape has been soooo long due. like for real. the original playlist for this was made probably two months ago but obviously since then i’ve been hearing a lot of new artists so the playlist is now what it is. i had to put this out before it got too crazy. there are 40 tracks so unfortunately, like last time, i had to convert all the songs to a lower bit rate just to save space and upload it to mediafire…the mp3’s that i offer are of their original quality (very good) but within the mixtape it is all converted.

this mixtape is amazing. not gonna lie. unforts i couldn’t fit ALL the new stuff like lcd soundsystem, ratatat, etc etc but managed to put some amazing tracks from new albums released by m.i.a., crystal castles…and more. there is everything in here from minimal, techno, hip-hop, rap, house, haaaaaaaaaaauss, d’n’b, experimental to psychedelic, soft-pop, israeli goodness, and xyz genre jajaja.

it’s come to my realisation that for those of you who use itunes, the playlist doesn’t quite work and you’d have to renumber them manually just so the tracks play in their proper order…maybe some of you do this, maybe some of you don’t (because you use players like mediamonkey (woohoo!) or songbird (woohoo!))…but i DO encourage you guys to listen to my mixtapes IN ORDER. most of my time spent making them is well, doing the write up, but most importantly, is picking and choosing what goes in the mixtape and how to fit it in…if it isn’t played in order, well i could just pick a bunch of songs i like and zip it up and let it be that. but that’s no fun and so impersonal. i put a lot of love and effort into these mixtapes so i hope that you guys get to hear it the way it’s supposed to be heard! soooo…enough rambling, let’s dance! playlist after the jump!

p.s. happy belated to a special mr. taha!

Download: ATM’s Mixtape – Summer and Sangria

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Coachella 2010.
Wow. What a great year.
Like my flatmate was telling me today, at Coachella and other great festivals alike, you just start imagining strings connecting all of us. Strings of bodies from all over this world bound and connected by music for this magnificent weekend each year. Coachella is a world unto itself. This weekend is filled with good music, vibrant energy, worldly generosity and with the help of drugs or not, there is this feeling of inexplicable happiness, indescribable joy and overwhelming emotion when you’re with all these fucking people, seeing bands, letting go, and one way or another we are swept away by Coachella’s breathtaking panorama, the sunsets, the sounds, the sights, and the synchronicity of what we’re sharing together. And this brings me to think again of how this was my best coachella yet. Best best best yet. I had the fucking blast of my life compared to when I went in 2008 and it was because well, obviously the killer lineup, but as with most things in life, it’s about the people that you share this amazing weekend with.

Stay tuned for my mixtape coming soon featuring a lot of Coachella artists 🙂

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Vodpod videos no longer available.
Courtesy of Nah Right

I know I am a million years late on this. Mais, je m’en fiche! Deal with it jaja. This state of Kanye looks pretty genuine to me. But I don’t really care about that. I care about how AWESOME this performance is of “Run This Town”. I think, one of the best I’ve seen. Finally, Jay-Z steps out of his usual nonchalant stage stupor and is in this, for real. Could Kanye’s near tear state have anything to do with it? And it almost, ALMOST makes me wanna pay the big bucks to see Jay-Z in about a month. We’ll see.

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yay-jeremy liebman

Alright folks, gonna write this fast because I am off to see Telefon Tel Aviv in like, 30 minutes.

This is what I think:

It is pretty much the same effort as American Gangster. There are a few songs (the ones I am sharing after the jump) that have siiiiiiiiiiiick beats or a really good chorus. There are so many cameos: Kanye, Alicia Keys, Mr. Hudson, Drake, Kid Cudi, and even a dude from Empire of the Sun but, the star power doesn’t really make the album any better.

I LOVE “Venus vs Mars”. The beat is slow, sexy, and creates a wave like rhythm that is so grandiose that it stops conversation. Problem is, the lyrics SUCK. Mon dieu, the worst chorus ever. The equivalent of Beyoncé’s “it’s too big, it’s won’t fit yada yada yada”. There are defs hits on this album, the already released singles, “D.O.A.”, and “Run This Town” got nothing on “On to the Next One” and “Empire State of Mind”. But, Jay-Z is exactly as he says, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man!”. His level of innovation only goes so far when emotional investment isn’t solely put on producing this album…and it shows.

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So yesterday I was listening to this 8-bit six minute redo of popular hip-hop songs. Super Mario style. Super awesome and super catchy. I think this is something Nintendo should consider… I would love to play Super Mario World with pixelated 8-bit remix versions of anything if Jesse Tugboat makes it.  Check out his myspace! Inventive and fun tunes shall await you…Thanks Taha for directing me to shotthen!

Playlist for the hip-hop 8 bit medley:

Jay-Z — Dirt Off Your Shoulders
T.I. — What You Know
Chamillionaire — Ridin’
Ludacris — What’s Ya Fantasy
Bonecrusher — Neva Scared
Twista — Overnight Celebrity
Ludacris — Move Bitch
Ying Yang Twins — Get Low
Kanye West — Gold Digger

MP3: Jesse Tugboat – Hip-Hop Remix Medley

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Mixtape - It's Not You, It's Me
So I’ve compiled a mixtape over at the other blog (cavacool) I contribute to. It’s composed of a few artists that I’ve already discussed here at ATM and a few I have yet to delve into. Overall, it’s 28 tracks of French electro/indie pop, Spanish dream pop, hip hop trip hop, d’n’b r’n’b, house, dance, nujazzz…you name it and at least one of the featured artist covers it in some way! It’s a great listen so click on the mixtape to see the full track list! Thanks =)

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