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Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power of Fuck Buttons have done it again. They gained underground indie stardom after the release of Street Horrrsing in 2008, easily one of the best progressive experimental albums of the year and had one of my top songs of the year with the ten minute bender, “Sweet Love For Planet Earth”.

A few months back, they released Tarot Sport EP, a short three song EP which teased Fuck Buttons fans like no other. Shortly after they released the full-length. The ten minute track “Surf Solar”, easily the best track of the album and one of the year’s best for sure, is the first track and sets the rest of the mood for the next 60 minutes. You aren’t gonna end up back where you started with their tracks that loop in and out of each other like tidal waves. And like the unpredictability of the LP title suggests, you aren’t gonna know where you’ll end up either.

I feel like Tarot Sport is just another wave off of Street Horrrsing, picking up right from the end of “Colours Move”. Except this time, the second half doesn’t feel as dark and moody as the first did. And this time, the Tarot Sport uses more optimistic tones throughout and still retains the melancholic feel.  The progression is all there. The formula’s the same yet it’s completely superimposed. It has the exact reverse opposite in terms of how it makes you feel but in the end, it’s still so so great. Innovative, wild, psychedelic and precociously awesome. And that’s why this album is one of my tops of this year.


I’ll be heading to their show at Il Motore in MTL on November 24th!!! GO GO GO! And stick around for a review =)

MP3: Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar

Buy their albums here!

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yay-so i took your ego and fed it to the dog

Ok guys. Long time since my last mixtape. I made TWO. One for ATM, and one for the other amazing blog I contribute to, Ca Va Cool. The one below, is a longer version and IMO a bit better because it has some old school feel to it. The one at CVC is a shorter version, it has pretty much the same songs but less old school groove. Both are GREAT! It just depends how much longer you want your dance party to go on for.


Download ATM’s “Leave Your 9-5 Up On The Shelf” Mixtape

Go to CVC to download CVC’s “Leave Your 9-5 Up On The Shelf” Mixtape
(give it possibly up to a week before it shows)

The playlist after the jump! GO GO GO!

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yay-vincent peters-sourgasm

Having no more than just over a month, after today, I realised that I haven’t recovered from Bonnaroo, MJF, and Flying Lotus (yes it counts as it’s own event it was sooo epic). My feet hurt. My ankles hurt. My toes hurt. My whole body is numbed from cycling place to place, dancing from floor to floor, and naturally and in style, giving it my all. Today proved to be an awesome start to MEG Montreal, with a free BBQ (I ate three hot dogs…ugh—first hot dogs I have had in a loooong while that weren’t tofu), a great venue (le divan orange), and fantastic entertainment.

I went to three venues today, all of which took me at least an hour total to cycle about, to see three different shows. The reviews amd goodies for Random Recipe, Cougarettes, Noia, Misteur Valaire (hearts hearts), Omnikrom, and Dirty Sound Ssytem after the jump!

Edit: I HAD ALL OF THIS WRITTEN AT 2PM YESTERDAY BUT STUPID ME, AND I DIDN’T SAVE…AND WORDPRESS’ AUTOSAVE FAILED ME WHERE IT SAVED ME MANY TIMES BEFORE AND I ACCIDENTALLY CLOSED MY WINDOW. I FEEL(T) SUPER DEPRESSED…AND RE-WRITING THIS AGAIN, WELL IT SUCKS. So yeah, just a warning that this will not be as thorough as it was before…sigh…but enough about how I had spent a good few hours writing something that no longer exists…AFTER THE JUMP for review number two!

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atm-yay-nils riedweg

Ok so was super excited today for one reason and one reason only.


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this in the program list. Best part, was that according to the schedule, she was playing twice on the same day. HUUUURRRRAAH!

So I rush to be on time at the Rio Tinto Alcan stage. For the first time, I was going to be on time for something. I wasn’t going to miss one beat, one lyric, or a second less of a glimpse at one of my favorite artists. As I hastily march closer and closer to the stage, the music sounded less and less like Asa…it sounded jazzy…I look onto the stage and there is some chick, Barbara Secours.


Went to the information booth, turns out there was a mistake with the schedule. Asa is playing tonight. BUT she is opening for Lila Downs. AND the tickets cost more than $40.


If anything, Asa should have her OWN show, not be an opener. But tsk tsk, I know that you have to start small somewhere. IMO, in a few years, she’ll have her own spot here at the Jazz fest.

Anyways, I did catch two amazing shows! Chin Chin from Brooklyn (go hard) and Curumin from Brésil! AIAAIAIAI! Recap after the jump!

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atm-free hug

It’s been a long time (long time), I shouldn’t have left you (left you), without a dope beat to step to. Freaky freaky! A’ight folks, these are reviews I’ve been meaning to do for a LONG freakin’ time. I mean it. Some of them I’ve been wanting to get out since March. Damn my laziness! I’ll be doing a super quick opinion piece of bands that are getting lots of attention like Passion Pit, Miike, Snow, Neon Indian, Bell Orchestre, the Prodigy, and a few others. Not that “mainstream” isn’t cool, well to hipsters it’s probably not ’cause it’s SO last year Vampire Weekend HYUK HYUK!, but I wanna cover artists that are less mainstream in the blogosphere like Zee Avi, Ebrahim, Flunk, Trickform, and a few others so that they get a bit more exposure…that’s what we’re all here for, right!?! But let’s hope it’s not too much at once so that we can avoid a Wavves disaster. More after the jump!

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It’s no secret that Bradford Cox, head man of Atlas Sound, is a genius. That’s right, a genius. Over the years, Deerhunter was created with the help of his friend Lockett Pundt, who is the dude behind the more recent Lotus Plaza. The bands release of Cryptograms and the Fluorescent Grey EP back in 2007 rocket launched their names into the musicoblogosphere, bringing the indie music scene with a post-punk contemporary psychedelic ambient sound, a perfect blend of both Cox and Pundt’s individual efforts.

Deerhunter releases their latest effort after last years Microcastle, an album that was incessantly blogged about and appeared in many year end Top 10 lists. An album that brought us gems like “Never Stops”, “Agoraphobia”, and “Nothing Ever Happens”. Their new release on to come June 9th, Rainwater Cassette Exchange, is a five song EP that…effin’ rules! More after the jump!

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The Presets consist of Julian Hamiliton and Kim Moyes based out of Sydney , Australia. Their most recent album Apocalypso released in ’08 along with the kajillion of remixes they put out are great listens. The music itself is fast paced, high BPM, dark electronic dance with the fundamental digital synth hook to keep you on your toes.

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