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Edmonton’s own Shout Out Out Out Out had their second show here last night, after quickly selling out their first followed by a huge demand for a second, for the release of their second LP called Reintegration Time being released by Nrmls Wlcm Records TOMORROW March 3rd which you can buy here.

I actually didn’t know about the added show until a friend told me (thanks Derek!) and quickly snapped up a ticket. I’ve heard such great things through and through about SO4 ever since they first released Not Saying/Just Saying back in 2006. I’ve heard how crazy their live shows are and how SO4 are the epitome of neurotic dance music, inducing major epileptic dance seizures from most of their fans. Despite having their music on my media player, I never got around to listening to them but, going to a live show usually proves to be better than the LPs themselves and are strong indicators of how great artists really are. And so, I geared up and headed on over to the Starlite Room–IMO the best venue in Edmonton–in anticipation of sweating off 70% of my body water.

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