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I’ve already been exposed to such great music this year and it’s not even been a full two months! And now that I am home for two weeks I’ve caught up on a lot of music as well as posts I’ve been falsely promising for months. Oops! Anyways, by far the best LP I’ve heard this year is without a doubt by the wonderful Four Tet a.k.a. Keiran Hebdan, the Londonite who perfected his album while having residency at Plastic People. His first single “Love Cry” remains one of  my favorite songs released last year and on his recently released LP, There Is Love In You. So, this mixtape is named after the awesomeness that is Four Tet but is not fully composed of Four Tet themed music. This mixtape is full of everything, the Balearic, in a sense. The lo-Fi hip-hop goodness of Gonjasufi all the way to the classic tunes of Billy Idol. As with all my mixtapes, it’s gonna make you groove =)

Download: ATM’s Mixtape – Love Cry

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I’ll give you love and affection
love and affection
I hope you give me direction
When I give you my love.

…sings K’naan, who was born in Somalia and whose name in Somali means traveler. Somalia. A country that conjures images of turbulent destruction, unbridled brutality, ruthless and merciless death by those that wear its crown. Somalia. A place where everyone is in the line of fire. Nobody is safe from the belligerence, the barbarian ruthlessness of the costs, traumas and atrocities of war. Somalia. Where GI Joes and Barbies turn into cold hard loaded AK-47s in the hands of 8 year old children; where “childhood” exists in chronological terms alone. Somalia, among the top of Forbes list of the “Most Dangerous Destinations” joining war torn countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Congo.

But at the same time, where there is war there is resistance. K’naan is the epithet of resistance. He is a poet, a musician, an artist, and a fighter for the freedoms of his people and for all those born with chains, struggling with more than just the color of their skin, the status of their politics, or the status of their wallets, but with the simple task of making it to the next day, subsisting with the risk of becoming nonexistent in the next.

Through his art he inspires peace and raises world truths unbeknownst or ignored by most. He asks us, “is it true when they say all you need is just love? What about those who have loved only to find that it’s taken away? And why do they say that the children have rights to be free? What about those who I’ve known whose memory still lives inside of me?”

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